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Kansas man accidentally shoots wife with gun at Lenexa restaurant

Thanks frankie8..
I am glad I'm not the only person who understands that.

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Does having more people with concealed carry gun permits make you feel safer

I would like to officailly ask that people who train other Kansas for concealed carry start producing remedial news letters to remind the not so experienced firearms owners of safe carrying practices, proper ways to conceal, and even use of cover and concealment in addition to watching your back drop and avoiding tunnel vision.
Updates on laws, and a way to safely call un unbaiased number to record statistics of protection where the ccws holders did not call the police after using the firearm as a deterant to crime would also be beneficial.

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Kansas man accidentally shoots wife with gun at Lenexa restaurant

I agree with you jafs, but I think a better more proactive way would be for the people who give the training to maybe have news letters to their pupils, to remind them of safe handeling, current laws and ways to keep up practice as well as shoot no shoot situations senarios.
As for my neighborhood, it's usually not too bad. about 4 blocks North of Checkers. But I'm between several streets that are veins for all types of traffic. 99% of the time it's nice and quit, except around 3 and 5pm. But that does not mean I should not be prepaired. I travel around town alot, and I have a past dealing with criminals that may someday want payback. I don't live in fear because I doubt most will consider it. I'm also adept at empty hand defense and don't normally need a side arm, but it's nice to have if I am in a situation where I'm out numbered...like with the riot or bottle throwers, or an armed criminal or mentally ill person. but I lead a pretty peacefull life now. My gun is in the right hands and helps maintain that when an ugly situation arises. And unlike in my military career, I've never had to fire my ccw.

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Kansas man accidentally shoots wife with gun at Lenexa restaurant

Most of the time concealed carry is used for personal protection and never reported.
You don't have to stop a mass shooting. In fact if you never even need it is a better thing.
You said you wanted local stories, but it sounds like you want sensationalism. I never called the police in my example of being assulted while walking home from the store. Odd that the guys throwing bottles at me didn't either isn't it? I mean after all, I man just pointed a gun at them....shouldn't they call the police? They knew they picked the wrong guy. No hero crap about it. Unless protecting your own life is viewed by someone like you as heroic and not just a nessassary.

Have you been the victim of a violent crime before? If no, I am glad for that...but if you have, I don't know why you would ever want someone to not have the upperhand while defending themselves.
As far as my Rambo rehetoric as you pointed out, It's not my fault I found myself in that situation. The funny thing is however, that in my youth my military experience some would say did put me on par with Rambo, but thats not me anymore. Now I'm aging, I don't jump outta helicoptors with an M-60 anymore. I'm not in a situation where I have to. But I'm not gonna stand around silently or cower when deviants terrorize people. Call me crazy but when I took an oath to protect, I meant it. And I've dealt with worse, more dangerous scum then those punks. The reference to gats and canted gun shooting was to insinuate that after a career of dealing with hardened thugs, I'm not too worried about opportunistic ones with less experience in violence management then myself.
That being said, I like my 100% method of safely protecting myself much better then yours.
I'm glad you have not lived a life where you've dealt with the criminal element while they were being criminals. But I have. So what's a vet to do?

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Lawrence man chases two burglars, one armed with a knife, from apartment

Locks only keep honest people honest.
But I'm betting these criminals were the opportunistic types who tried doors all over the neighborhood and went with the least path of resistance.

Lock your doors people. Sometimes they work.

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Kansas man accidentally shoots wife with gun at Lenexa restaurant


It is unfourtunate that you were robbed and unable to secure your firearm. One could argue that it was your choice of securment or lack thereof that allowed it to happen. I'm not accusing, I'm just saying, and it's a shame it turned you bitter towards gun ownership, but as your name here implies do you not drive on roads almost everyday that you have to share with other drivers?
Isn't it the same with gun ownership where you would like to assume that all other owners responsibly keep their weapon(s) safe. I drive a lot and especially at night and every week I see people on the road who don't follow safe driving principals, and it erks me that I'm at risk for that. Just as we are from anybody with a weapon who dosent understand or respect it enough to be with it.
I know accidents happen. But negligence is not an accident its a lack of foresight.
I'm not saying everybody should live in condition yellow 24/7 and be paranoid, but they should be prepaired. On the road, out for dinner, or in what you think is gonna be a soothing evening at home. It's just the world we live in. Guns are as ubiquitous as bacteria, and people who are affraid of them remind me of compulsive hand washers who in advertently dry out their skin and make chapped cracks for more bacteria to enter them. If they just leave it alone, the body's natural flora will take care of most bad bacteria from causing harm. But most people don't take that into consideration, just like some gun owners don't know the safest way to carry their responsiblity. And when you choose to carry, it is a responsibilty. This accident was 100% avodiable, but the lad didn't see fit to properly carry. Just like some don't see fit to follow speed limits, it don't mean we need to call everybody freaks. It means we have to be responsible, teach responsiblity and expect the unexpected while hoping it never happens to us. The part about having someone accidentally shooting our kid...or wife, like I said...the "accidental" discharge was 100% guanteed not to happen if he didn't have a round chambered and an ineffective method for carry.

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Kansas man accidentally shoots wife with gun at Lenexa restaurant

Hey just another bozo,

So answer me this, if it's a fact of life that my protecting my and my neighborhood as well as all these visitors is going to just provoke a shooting....Why didn't it?

You call it lucky.....perhaps, I'm more apt to think it was my 11 years in the military police kicking in.
Maybe some of us "heroic" people are just good at knowing how to defend ourselves and don't mind extending that to someone being mericilessly beaten. I'm sure if it were you caught up in it, you wouldn't mind someone coming to your aid now would you? Or....maybe you'd like to wait for the police while you try to protect yourself from the next stomp or kick?

Im pretty sure none of the punks envolved in that episode were near as hardcore as the cartels in South America....but i'm betting that doesn't matter to the guy getting beat.
Just because you feel like "luck" is what held the neighborhood together that night doesn't mean you're going to hoodwink anybody who refuses to be a victim or watch others be victimized.

I've stated before that most ccw permit holders are unjustly thought of as Rambo wanna be types...the fact they don't go out looking for trouble at night proves they are not.
But when trouble shows up in your yard at 3:00am unprovoked I hope you can deal with it half as well.
Should the situation had gone South I am certain that my training would have kicked in even more. While the drunk (Not sure if they actually were in this case, just trouble makers.) is pulling out his gat and canting his gun to pop off rounds gangsta style, I'm sure my superior training, experience and mind set is going to prevail.

But if luck is what you rely on to survivie a close encounter of the ugly kind more of it to ya....cuz yer gonna need it.

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Kansas man accidentally shoots wife with gun at Lenexa restaurant

How nice of you to judge my situation where you assume I hang out in trashy places.
I've posted previously about my situations where CCW have been used to thawt attacks on my person, but perhaps you missed them, so let me enlighten you.

The first was when I was 7 years old. On a camping trip my father used one to protect us while in the camper from 2 individuals who decided to mess with us. Displaying it and racking the slide got them to leave. Fast.

The second, less then 2 blocks from my own home, walking back from the grocery store (Where I sometimes go to procure items my family needs to survive...a real trashy place..)
Several men decided to make sport out of me by thowing beer bottles. I ignored the first two...the thrid was a near miss to my head, I decided there didn't need to be a forth. Again, the act of racking the slide and pointing it was all I needed to do to end the harrassment...but you being a better person then I and avoiding doing trashy things like innocently walking home with a bag of groceries would have took the highroad and asked them politely to stop I suppose...good for you.

The third, two houses down from me an out of control party or nearly 40 people erupted into the streets. Oh, forgot to mention, I live at the dump didn't I....because you only need to defend yourself while you're in trashy places right?
Several guys were beating another man senseless and I used my gun to get them to stop. (Don't have pepper spray or tazers in trash land ya know.) I had already called the police and helped others leave safely but it was nearly a riot condition still. It took a while for the police to arrive and gain control. They did not mind that I was protecting my yard from hooligans as they arrived.

Now to address your accusation that you don't learn much in a ccw class. I took it and know for a fact you are required to bring a holster. Anything after the class is based on how the permit holder wishes to protect themself or be negligent after taking the class.
While my own personal training goes far beyond the 8 hours of class and 15 minutes of range time, I believe what the class offers as state minimum is sufficent for anybody of average intelligence.

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Kansas man accidentally shoots wife with gun at Lenexa restaurant

It's true that some people do not follow the training they recieve, and it's apparent in this case.
It's unfair to blame the guy's right to protect himself with wanting to be a "hero"....just as you'd think it unfair if you're ever the victim of violent crime and nothing gets done about it. Life's not fair.
But that does not mean the alternative is to punish everybody for one man's lack of better judgement.
I like the previous comment another post presented about carring the weapon where the round is not chambered for two reasons. The first is because this type of accident is 100% preventable by carring in that manner and the second is because in my own personal experience I have found that racking the slide as I pull it from a firm IWB holster (Which points at nobody regardles of how I sit except for myself.) has an unnerving effect on the people who were just attacking me. The two times I have used my concealed weapon in this mannor made it so I didn't even need to fire it.
Seeing me produce it while racking the slide and bringing it to sight was enough to stop my attackers in their tracks.
I hope the woman has a quick recovery and this man learns to properly carry from now on. Sad that his lack of understanding may cost him his paid for license...sadder that he now has to re-think his methodology for self protection from some who don't abide by laws or pay for the licesnse.

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Concealed carry permit applications surge in weeks since Sandy Hook shooting

The problem with that question about can anybody tell who will be responsible and who wouldn't would be blasted if it were applied to automobiles, or alcohol, and yeah, I'm sick of all the comparisons too but we all know people who will drink and not be responsible yet there is no agency to prevent that. You have to wait until after they do something before you can get a response from police or other concerned parties.
Not so much with firearms.
If a person passes the back ground check then they pass. I'm not saying it's the best check in the world, but every American is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty right? If they are flagged and can't make the purchase, cool, there maybe a good reason but you'll never see that much effort put into keeping dummies with beer from causing problems, or people who don't respect the rules of the road off the street.

I respect people who don't like gun who respect those who do, but some of their solutions just are not realistic. I think anybody who knows guns would absolutely love to help come up with realistic appliable ways to stop the violence, but restricting certain types, magazine capacity, who can legally get them and not has never worked. So far the only thing I've seen that has is vigillance and taking responsiblity for ourselves. If that were applied to road rage and drinking half as much as it is with gun ownership we'd have less casualties on all front.

I'm no lover of the NRA, but I am a responsible citizen who carries. I respect what the NRA does as long as it's being honest..and sometimes it's not, just like other people with their agendas, but honestly I know that neither care a dadgum about protecting me personally, so thats why I choose to do it myself. You can also never tell when a cop or government is gonna become law breakers themselves, so once again you can't rely on anyone's answer to your question, you can only rely on yourself.

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