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Business owners wrestle over land near Lecompton

All this talk about Schwada, I would like to hear what the community thinks of Russel Tuckel, this article is a small fraction of the issues which have occurred. I will tell you now i do not know all the facts, an in my opinion neither do half the people on here. I'm not much of a debater on issues but we all have our opinions.

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Not-so-gentle reign

i dont think ive ever seen this many comments before.... its a football team coaches should be hard on players..... in high school our coach would grab us by the mask an throw us around.... all this discussion over a finger to the chest haha .... mangino is a excellent coach ... yeah he can sh!t in a dump truck but he really has made improvements to the team. .... now if we could just ban Todd Reesing from the bars so he wouldnt be hung over every game we'd be good.

I would Rather flunk out of a school in Lawrence that graduate from a sh!tt hole in Manhattan....haha

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Baldwin City teen detained for bringing loaded gun and knife to school

OldEnuf2BYurDad an beawolf i agree with both of you. im just putting my input in on the article, 20yrs ago Baldwin had a grain silo bout were sonic is, it was a small farm town. the town itself has changed drastically in 10yrs. every school district in the U.S. has problems an trust me Baldwin is still an excellent community to grow up in, i graduated in 09 from mission valley out past Topeka a small farming community, we would hunt in the morning have the rifles laying in the seat in plain view. Every school has some type of violence no denying that. if you want to prevent the decay of society i honestly believe it all starts with parenting teaching the kids whats wrong whats right, my father is 65 my mom 53, i was raise to be polite an do the right thing, i look at younger generations an see kid who need a foot in the ass, no respect what so ever, i look at there parents an see that they dont care what there kids do idk this parenting thing could go on, hope you get some info out of this

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