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Ex-mayor given leadership award

So Vermont ( the second least important state next to Idaho) thinks I am " scum of the earth"? All I mentioned is that we are quick to forget. Let me share a little information about your dear old Hack...
and my favorite...

So who you calling scum? scum.

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Ex-mayor given leadership award

One of the many folks that believe they are so above everyone that remains anonymous.
Many of the problems this city has at this very moment can be traced back to Hack.

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Ex-mayor given leadership award

How quickly we forget. I for one have not, and find humor in Hack receiving a "leadership" award.

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Report: $30M police facility needed

And again the city paid money for a consultant to tell them how to spend money? This town needs an enema.

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Firefighters investigate cause of blaze at unoccupied mobile home on West 31st Street

Just a guess...had a batch cooking, went to jail and batch ignited when left unattended.

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City eyes improvements to Ninth Street intersections

Trust in our elected officials! Core-less and Cram-well in 2012!

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City of Lawrence's cost for Final Four downtown activities: $180,000

I am shocked Core-less and Cram-well didn't pay a consultant $65,000.00 to tell them they spent $180,000.00.
The problem is not that KU lost, the problem is that those two clowns still hold office.

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Jayhawks’ success boosts local economy, too

" City and business leaders alike can look forward to a boost in their coffers as well."
Aren't they one in the same?

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City commission to consider ban on RV parking near South Park

The Buffalo Bob Porta Jon of my campfire favorites.

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City commission to consider ban on RV parking near South Park

And while you are there, ban Cram-well and Core-less. Fools.

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