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Dead Bars I Used To Love

I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the Gaslight, across the street north from the Union. It was THE place for what passed for the counterculture in the late '60s. What a collection of characters! The pool table was for serious players only. Later in life, I thought the place could have been the inspiration for the Mos Eisley Cantina scene in the first "Star Wars."
When I first got to campus and was living on the eighth floor of Ellsworth Hall, we would go to the Voodoo Hut downtown. It was not much of a bar, but it had a certain casual attitude about checking IDs. (And remember, the drinking age was 18 back then.)
The Bierstube was a great bar -- until you saw it in daylight. I tried to go at night.

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Timing uncertain for Kansas Senate debate on selling liquor in grocery, convenience stores

It won't defend the current system, but I think everyone should try to envision what the retail liquor landscape would look like if this passes.
There would be lots of Coors, Bud and Miller and Black Box wine at Dillon's and the 7-Eleven. But would there be Bell's Two-Hearted Ale or Liberty School cabernet? I doubt it.
Grocers and convenience stores would want to sell fast-moving items -- the very stock that tends to subsidize that big selection at larger retail liquor stores.
Larger towns -- like Lawrence -- might be able to support a store or two that specializes in craft-brewed beers and wines from smaller wineries, but good luck finding Sierra Nevada pale ale in Chanute.

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Heard on the Hill: Student Senate looks outside KU for rebranding; former KU interim CLAS dean is finalist for Indiana U. post; building suggested for Chancellor Chalmers

I missed most of the anarchy that beset Lawrence because I was in the Army. But I made it back in 1971. I think it was that fall that the ROTC building was attacked and Vern Miller put in an appearance. I walked over to campus to see what the commotion was, and after order was restored, I remember the guys from the frat houses climbing into their Corvettes and Mustangs. It was just another day in the life of a psuedo-radical. Gave them something to talk about at the Wheel, I guess.
The dismissal of Chalmers by the Board of Regents was still a hot topic. The tunnel linking the Union parking lot to the building was fairly new then, and campus wags called it the Chalmers Tunnel. "Wescoe got a building, and Chalmers got the shaft," they said.
There was a group in Lawrence -- state Sen. Reynolds Shultz and Dolph Simons were prominent members -- who despised Chalmers (who was, I believe, clearly an anti-war liberal).
Chalmers' enemies learned (and I was told it was through the efforts of Simons' reporters) that he had a mistress. Before long, the Regents were showing "Larry" the door.
I once asked Ray Nichols if Chalmers would ever have a building named for him. I think his answer was yes, but we wouldn't live to see it.
If this post is removed, we'll know that it's still too early.

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Leaders offer tips for chancellor’s successful tenure

The CliffsNotes version: Do exactly what Sam Brownback and I tell you lady, and no one will get hurt.

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City considers bus shuttle for KU football game days

Interesting timing on this decision. All the season ticket holders long ago committed to parking lots either on or close to campus. I would have been happy to start my day at the Free State and catch a bus to the stadium.
Note to commission: You need to decide things like this in the spring!

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Budget impasse appears over; state employees to receive paychecks

justthefacts, i'm calling you out. You're a GOP hack in sheep's clothing.
This is about politics. The Republicans cannot bear the thought of a Democratic U.S. senator, and they will do everything they can to drive Sebelius' negatives up. The winner of the Republican Senate primary next year will be damaged goods, but if Sebelius is less-attractive to voters, the GOP still wins.
The budget battle will only be the first act in this play.
In the replay of the coal plant fight, the Republicans will again try to portray Sebelius and the evil witch of the East, giving the good people of the West the fuzzy end of the lollipop.
Republicans fear that Sebelius might run pretty well in Moran's district if Tiahrt wins. But they have two sessions to beat her up.
I hope none of you were counting on good government to occur the next couple of years. Like I said, this is just the first act.

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