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Jovan Belcher's mother talks about love for son, slain girlfriend

It's hard to apply different cultures practices to that of other cultures.

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Brownback, senators refused to help Topeka school district in grant application for federal funds

Brownie knows Obama doesn't have any money left in his stash, so why fill out paper work for Obama money? He broke.

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Topeka lifts ban on loaded handguns in vehicles

Topeka is ahead of the curve for what is yet to come.

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Gov. Brownback calls on Legislature to make up revenue shortfall from tax cuts

Oh. My mistake. I forgot this is a Liberal web site.

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Letter: Reform needed

Do not fret. You are doing exactly what you are suppose to do. You have evolved exactly the way the people in government have intended. You are an important cog of the greatest ponzi scheme ever developed.

You should be proud of your governments investment.

No worries forthright. You have the government investment Obamacare to fill in the gaps of your existence. Sprinkle in some EBT and your life will be grand.

Diversity regarding investment is rewarding to know....ain't it.

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Opinion: Obama may be transitional figure

New American Socialism. It's a system fueled by paper money, the constant expansion of debt, and a kind of corruption that's hard to police because it occurs within the boundaries of the law.

Like the European and totalitarian socialism of the last 100 years, New American Socialism harnesses the power of the State to grow and maintain production. Like in traditional socialism, the poor pay the costs of New American Socialism. But unlike socialist systems of the past, this new American version has one critical improvement…

In the New American Socialism, the power of the system produces private profits. In this way, it provides a huge incentive to entrepreneurs and politicians to work together on behalf of the system. This is what keeps the system going. This is what keeps it from collapsing upon itself. And this, unfortunately, is why the imbalances in the world economy will continue to grow until the entire global monetary system itself implodes…

New American Socialism began with the policies of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. In 1933, FDR seized all the privately held gold in the U.S. and began creating the massive government programs necessary to implement socialism. To give you some idea of how much the federal government grew during FDR's reign, remember federal spending made up 3% of GDP in 1930 – a level that had been fairly consistent for most of America's history. Almost immediately after his election, he tripled federal spending to more than 10% of GDP. And by the time he died in office, federal spending reached 44% of GDP – an all-time high.

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Federal government cracks down on hiring illegal immigrants in Kansas

Why are trespassers allowed to run free? They are greedy taking only for themselves. They should be stopped.

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Letter: Reform needed

The government people could care less about anyone but themselves. They want the menials money and that's it.

This fiscal cliff ploy is just that. A made up word of gloom and doom to scare folks into turning their money over to the government gulags.

ha ha...and Obama is the perfect front man to whoo people into loving him and turning over their money to him.

Obama already took a mountain of cash from Medicare to give it to Obamacare for the 40 million people that can't pay for themselves.

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Letter: Governor’s spending

You mean like Hostess that was shut down by greedy baker candlestick maker union?

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Letter: Governor’s spending

lol meanwhile half the population lives off the other half and this letter writer is bitter about Browny.

How can things get much worse Getto? You seem like a gloom and doomer.

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