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City to consider issuing industrial revenue bonds for Rock Chalk Park project

Good god it just keeps getting better! When the lights finally come on and the cock roaches start to scurry, the truth about this project is going to be mind boggling. Amyx knows what's going on but he won't speak publicly about it. There's got to be photo's of the City Commissioner's with little kids or something.

If I'm not mistaken the issuance of IRB's and the tax exempt status are two different issues. The IRB's could be issued by the City (although I have no idea why they would) without them being exempt. This is just another gift to Fritzel.

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Charges won't be filed in fatal bike-truck collision at South Lawrence Trafficway

I don't understand the headline. Was there some indication initially that charges would be filed? These tragic bicycle/vehicle accidents are becoming more numerous, mainly because bicycles out competing for the same space as something that weighs 20 or 30 times more.

Having got that off my chest (again), that light is completely ridiculous. Imagine once the SLT goes to 4 lane..... Does anyone know who the traffic (and I use this term lightly) engineer is in Lawrence that is in charge of signal location and timing?

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Bicyclist injured in accident

Actually it was a sight distance issue. When these bikes are going slow and there are hills involved it is very dangerous (e.g. north of Baldwin) especially with no shoulders. I think it is extremely inconsiderate for these cyclists to put drivers in those situations. Just THINK a little bit before you hop on.

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Bicyclist injured in accident

We've got to get the bicyclists off of these narrow, no shoulder, rural roads. Nearly had a head on collision north of Baldwin because of a cyclist a week ago. The tragedy is that the person that hits, and possibly kills, them has to live with that for their entire life, even when the cyclist is at fault.

Bike riding is recreational, period. I know there's the group out there that would like to ban automobiles and put everyone on a bike. Get real. We've spent millions on bike paths in this county. That's where the bike riders belong.

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Chiefs waive injured Moeaki, KU’s Opurum; McDougald sticks

Congrats Bradley! Looking forward to watching you for a long time in a Chief's uniform. Toben's willingness to "do what's best for the team" ultimately cost him. Imagine what he'd have been if he'd have played four years at fullback instead of moving to defense. I still think he'll find a home in the NFL.

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Jayhawks’ top prospects climbing recruiting ranks

Anyone else tired of this? The number of electrons that are wasted reporting on these OAD's is unbelievable. Let's face it, if you get one (or more) they'll blow into Lawrence, attend class (maybe) for one semester, play 35 to 40 games, and they're gone. Whoopee. Sorry folks, give me the Relefords, Withey's, and Reed's of the world. It's really fun when you start seeing them try to sell a package deal. Get twice the disappointment for the price of one.

Why don't we just start a new division in college basketball for Kentucky. They can win the championship every year and the other 380 or so teams can play in the other division. Then if we'd get rid of this stupid OAD rule and make it like every other sport the game might actually be fun again.

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North Dakota State stuns KSU, 24-21

".....after the Bison had taken the lead to wrap up the biggest win in North Dakota State history."

Typical comment coming from a K-State beat writer. NDSU has won numerous National Championships. What would make this the biggest win in 117 years of football? Hasn't been too long ago this wouldn't even have been an upset. Last I checked K-State was still the second or third losingest football program in the country.

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North Dakota State stuns KSU, 24-21

Shucks, guess the new statue of Bill just wasn't enough to fire them up. I'd hate to be those K-State players this next week. Go Bison!

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City investigating feasibility of transit buses fueled by compressed natural gas

In this town there always has to be some extravagant solution to everything. Here's a much better way to save energy than spending what I'm sure will be hundreds of thousands if not more:

Fire the traffic engineer responsible for traffic signal timing. Apparently this individual does not understand that having 20 cars (or more) sitting for 15 to 20 seconds, while absolutely nobody passes through the intersection, wastes fuel. This is a routine occurrence all over this town. I think if the City did a study of wasted fuel for this reason it would be a staggering amount. Not to mention the man-hours wasted sitting needlessly at intersections.

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City provides more details on rental registration program

This entire program sounds like an absolute nightmare to administer. If there are building code violations in a rental unit the tenant should simply call the City, explain their concern, and the City look into it. The "People's Republic of Lawrence" is taking this way too far. Again we'll spend resources on a ridiculous program when there are so many needs in this community.

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