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Plans for big GoFourth! celebration canceled, but new group plans smaller July 4 festival; fireworks display still set

True to his spirit and his love of our community, Richard Renner has helped Fine Thyme and PixNinja in organization of Kaw-Boom!

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Kansas Craft Brewers Exposition returns to Lawrence March 5

The tickets will go on sale at 6:00 PM on January 29th (That's Kansas Day!)

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Sporting goods store coming to 23rd Street and other retail rumblings

Briggs is in the old Sears building on a temp basis only. As soon as they are done with construction on their other buildings, they will move back there placing the Sears building back in least that is what a Briggs manager told me.

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Derby teen stays optimistic after losing legs in accident

Thanks Colby, you will be the one who inspires now.

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Downtown hours

D_Puddy (Anonymous) says…

Thanks for the info on Thursday evenings Bren. Good call.

D_Puddy- You're welcome....most of us are open on Sunday afternoons as well.

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Downtown hours

This comes up every once in awhile. I have worked in several downtown businesses in the last 24 years and I would like to clear up some ideas that the business owners refuse to open later in the evenings. These people who own businesses downtown are BUSINESS people, if it was profitable to open in the evenings, trust me they would. Most store are open until 8:00 on Thursdays, but most are empty. I have worked in several stores that tried late summer hours only to find bored employees who are still being paid even though no cash is coming in. Chain stores are required to stay open because of the corporate model.
I want everyone in Lawrence to enjoy downtown and all that it has to offer. If more people would shop on Thursday evenings then it might prompt the owners to consider later hours. As it is, there is just not enough incentive to do so.

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Divorcing wife says $43M not enough

"You can see them out to dinner with their piggy wives..."

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Another victim of NCLB?

Here is a theory I have been working on. Does it seem more childern are diagnosed as having ADHD, autisum and other related "condishions"? AND these childern excluded from the No Child Left Behind program numbers? I really don't know. Anyone?

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