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Brownback's K-12 cuts larger than first thought

Step 1 - Underfund to undermine. Step 2 - After system continues to fail from underfunding, declare system doesn't work, not worthy of continued funding. Step 3 - Eliminate funding, eliminate system, break unions, raid pension fund. Step 4 - Only the families that can afford it get to go to private schools... working class families are totally screwed in Kansas for generations. Step 5 - Wealthiest laugh all the way to the bank.

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Kansas quakes likely caused by disposal of saltwater that results from oil and gas fracking process

A link to a NatGeo story citing excessive rainfall as being the trigger for earthquakes. I can't help but wonder about the similarities between heavy rainfall and forced injection of saltwater and a hundred other undisclosed chemicals into the earth.

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Editorial: On the rise?

Kansas is currently vacillating between "cautionary tale" and "punchline". I look forward to the end of this experiment, when we can go back to educating our kids and quit treating them like conscripted lab rats.

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KU cites $3.9M for law enforcement training center as a top legislative priority

Sam didn't have any problem promising state funds to the tune of $231 million for NBAF in Manhattan.

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Kansas quakes likely caused by disposal of saltwater that results from oil and gas fracking process

Denton, Texas was the birthplace of fracking, and they have banned fracking. This is a link to a Reuters story, republished in Fox Business News in November of last year.

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Opinion: Obama ambivalent to the war on terror

Obama could cure cancer tomorrow and Senator Palpatine would complain about the President putting oncologists out of work.

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Brownback budget cuts K-12 education, holds higher education funding flat

Andy's right. We have to continue cutting until we know the kids are learning. If they continue to fail, it's an indicator that public education was never succeeding in the first place, then we can FINALLY turn over education to private institutions that can pick and choose only those kids worthy of educating. Kids that look like Andy and hold Andy's values. Everybody else is just a burden on society.

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Brownback calls to repeal school finance formula in State of the State address

Later Andy will be telling us that the way to stop Global Climate Change is to recalculate the archaic methodology for determining what "hot" and "cold" are. First step, get rid of scientific input...

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Kansas governor seeks tax increases to address budget woes

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess there will be a spike in tobacco and liquor sales in surrounding states.

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