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Ex-DA slams Brownback ad using Wichita murders

And after 8 committees, still not a single example of wrongdoing by the Obama administration. Gasp.

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Kansas secretary of state candidates meet for second debate

'Tis far better that thousands become disenfranchised and lose their right to vote, than to allow three or four an opportunity to commit fraud at the voting booth.

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Kansas City Royals get Paul Ryan's endorsement

Just so long as the Royals don't endorse him, I'm fine.

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Kansas education cuts among largest in the nation

Once again, what part of the funding was in response to court orders after the state lost law suits? Sam is a deadbeat dad going to court, writing a check, then bragging about how he's taking care of his kids.

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Saturday Column: Brownback strengths include agriculture, education

Here's a question for Dolph's boiler room of investigative journalists - in regard to Brownback's claim of " total spending, including teacher pension funding is now at a record high level ", how much of that was to satisfy court orders?

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New Koch super PAC reports donors

How would a neutral party such as yourself have phrased it? Looks pretty neutral to me. It's not "New Koch superpac reports donors prior to disemboweling pinko-commie Libtards" or "New Koch superpac reports donors in advance of saving western civilization from the scourge of progressive ideology".

October 16, 2014 at 11:22 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Final Senate debate brings out fresh attacks

Pat is 78 and has represented Kansas for a very long time. He's been semi-retired for the better part of the last decade, at least that's what his attendance record would indicate. It's time to break out the fishing rods, Pat, and put your feet up.

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Letter: Vital election

Is that an accusation or a fact? He has publicly stated that Obama and Reid are half of the problem. Do you have some secret recordings you'd like to share? He's not registered as a Democrat. You have to be registered as a Democrat to be a Democrat. Maybe he's an Eisenhower Republican.

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Opinion: Tentative approach won’t defeat ISIS

Maybe he ought to start a campaign to sell war bonds to finance this next military campaign.

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Saturday Column: Kansas voters must consider candidates’ Obama ties

He had to vote against it. The same bill included funding for food stamp programs for the poor.

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