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Kansas lawmakers approve 'step therapy' and welfare reform bill

I love how deep these folks medical knowledge must be. Try the less expensive (and possibly chemically different) drug first before we let you get the drug your doctor really wrote the script for. Brilliant. In the wake of their successes telling accountants how to do math, telling judges how to judge, and telling teachers how to teach, they're now telling doctors how to care for their patients. I fully expect Sam to say he's advising God next.

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Kansas House OKs bill prohibiting local 'inclusionary zoning' laws, nutrition labeling

The state hates government overreach unless they are the ones doing the overreaching.

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Gov. Brownback says Kansas pulling out of refugee funding program

OH THANK THE LORD! What was the final death count? Will there be a memorial service for the lives lost? (Ours, not theirs... we're a Christian country, what do we care about a bunch of refugees from a foreign country. You'd never see Sam Brownback's Jesus caring for the sick and poor, Kansan or otherwise)

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What's the oldest thing you own?

Trilobite fossil.

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Brownback administration proposes massive cuts to cover Kansas' projected revenue shortage

Where's Dave Trabert to tell us that everything is going to fine, all we have to do is sell off the public school system to Pearson Education?

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Moran files for re-election to U.S. Senate

Kansas is about 60% conservative GOP, which means 100% of our legislative representation will be GOP. The best most moderates & progressives can hope for is a moderate Republican capable of thinking for themselves. Sadly, the powers that be will grab the reins and we'll end up with another minion of ALEC in that seat.

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Western Kansas mental hospital workers decry short staffing

These mental health patients should create a PAC or 5013C, then take legislators out for steak dinners to plead their case. Or maybe a fund-raising prayer breakfast. That's the way things get done in Kansas.

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Brownback signs education equity funding bill; court must now decide if measure satisfies the Kansas Constitution

Dave Trabert and his fun time party Birchers will get the Constitution rewritten. Just need to impeach all of those nuisance do-gooder Kansas Supreme Court Justices first.

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Potential Confederate flag ban could mean legal trouble for Lawrence school district

Bob's right. Liberals are easy to spot throughout time. Just check out the wacko liberal nutjob in the New Testament. Pay your taxes. Take care of the poor, the sick, and the elderly. Watch out for those money lenders. Educate the children. How can those people be trusted?

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GOP's social, fiscal conservatives at odds over gay rights

You might want to go back over the other laws, too. For all we know, God slaps people on the hand for being gay, but WHOA! those shrimp are a protected species and you're going to BURN for that cocktail.

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