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Brownback not planning more budget cuts in wake of latest revenue shortfall

I think Sam is taking the approach that if he just cowers in a fetal position, the troubles will all just go away in a couple of years.

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Editorial: School choices

The needs of the wealthy few vastly outweigh the needs of the kids in public schools, and the wealthy don't care about the kids in public schools anyway. They send theirs to private schools with small classes and adequate resources.

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If you were a busker, what would your act be?

I would dress up as an English gentleman, mind the crosswalks with a sign in hand, and, at the appropriate moment, commence to safely pause traffic and gently compel people to walk silly.

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Should sports teams be allowed to have Native American-inspired mascots?

I have no right to tell someone else what they should or should not find offensive. Telling a person or group of people that they have no right to find something offensive seems like a form of bullying. If a group of people find a term insensitive/humiliating/demeaning, they should speak up and state their case. In the case of the Washington NFL franchise, this should have been resolved years and years ago.

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Judge says Kansas can’t require citizenship proof to vote

Is it the state's responsibility to prove a crime has been committed, or is the voter's responsibility to prove that they are a citizen and subject to the rights as outlined in the Constitution? As there is no law that requires a US citizen to walk around with a state or federal ID, it's looking more and more like the burden of proof is going to fall to the state to prove that there has been a crime.

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Kansas education board member: Federal directive on transgender equality aimed at 'destruction of traditional American public schools'

So, to summarize, when a federal policy overrides local control, it's bad, unless the Kansas GOP agrees with it. When a state policy (created by the Kansas GOP) overrides local control, it's a good thing, so just shaddap about it already.

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Brownback signs bill imposing more Kansas welfare restrictions

Thank goodness. I've been worried about the plight of Kansas millionaires and billionaires. Do you know how rough it has been for them? Some have had to replace Beluga caviar with Sevruga or even Ostrega.

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Accidental shooting at high school graduation ceremony in southern Kansas injures 2 people

That will teach those wannabe Muslim terrorists a lesson, for sure.

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US sues North Carolina over transgender bathroom law, calling it 'state-sponsored discrimination'

The discrimination against bigots has to stop. We're interfering with their pursuit of happiness, not to mention their god-given right to bully a group they consider icky. /sarcasm

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Your Turn: U.S. candidates must face the facts

Do you prefer Reynold's Wrap or generic tin foil for your hat designs?

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