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No repeal for 'Obamacare' — a humiliating defeat for Trump

Bob, I'm guessing the other Bobs are going to do what the CiC does... run away and hide for weekend vacation (all the while claiming it's not a vacation), then come back with some other delusional nonsense having to do with wiretaps, illegal voting, or how he is being treated so unfairly. You have to love it when so-called billionaires play the victim card.

One of the Reasonable Bobs

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Opinion: Time to explain to Fox ... again

Might need a couple of rail cars full of it to neutralize that volume.

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Opinion: Time to explain to Fox ... again

No problem, Fred. Mr. Summers posts make for fertile soil during planting season, although you have to reach a proper PH balance, as there seems to be an unnecessarily acidic, corrosive element to his scat. Maybe a little gypsum will help.

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Opinion: Time to explain to Fox ... again

I'm not ashamed to be what I was born to be... I was born to call people out on their bovine scatology.

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Opinion: Time to explain to Fox ... again

I'm still trying to find a peer-reviewed journal that has written about this genetic condition Bob Summer's writes of in his first post. I'm guessing an article such as that can be located adjacent to articles that describe the Obama wire-tapping conspiracy, the millions of illegal voters that Trump claimed voted (and never provided evidence), and the CiC's real tax returns. BTW, how's Trump's golf game these days?

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Letter to the editor: Russia probe needed

Check Adam Kahn's and Louise Mensch's coverage of the Trump-Russia connections on Twitter. The evidence is mounting and in light of the fact that FBI director Comey hid the Trump team connections to Russia while disclosing there was an investigation into Clinton's emails (which led to nothing) is pretty damning in itself. The facts speak for themselves. Time to appoint a special investigator.

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School finance ruling has Democrats ecstatic; Brownback uses it to tout need for school choice

We already have school choice. If you want to send your kids to a school that also indoctrinates into a religious belief, that's fine, but I don't want my tax dollars paying for it.

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Unanimous decision by Kansas Supreme Court: School financing system does not meet constitutional requirements

The local, resident Bob with kids in Kansas public schools is pleased with this decision. (Educated in Kansas public schools and universities, too). It's time for our governor to stop thinking like a deadbeat dad and manage his responsibility to the kids of out state.

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School board votes unanimously to purchase 4,000 MacBooks for district

I work in technical education, and suggesting anyone go back to a tool that is 50 years out of date proves without question that some suggestions rate nothing more than a dismissive smile.

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School board to vote on purchase of 4,000 MacBooks for high schools

I posted my remarks from a 6-year-old Dell Precision M4700. Nice try.

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