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'Let Obamacare fail,' Trump says after GOP plan collapses

GOP controls the House. GOP controls the Senate. GOP shuts out any Dem suggestion amendment. GOP can't pass a bill to replace/repeal. Next step: Blame the Dems. The administration features a spoiled man-child that brags about his deal making ability and leadership. Truth: The GOP has abdicated leadership not only in America, but in the world... and they won't own the mess they created by presenting the American people with a fraud. Is it Mueller time yet?

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Letter to the editor: Kobach echoes Trump

The difference is that the writer is quoting real statements made by Kansas part-time Secretary of State. Who is Bob Smith quoting with his blatant attempt to mock legitimate quotes? No one. One might think he's just trying to be funny.

Better luck next time, Bob.

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U.S. Rep. Jenkins lands in national spotlight amid Trump tweets; Yoder and Moran also condemn president's attack

I miss those times that the Office of the President of the United States was a symbol of dignity and maturity, rather than being an embarrassment and a punchline.

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Budget office: Senate GOP health care bill adds 22 million uninsured by 2026

It's all about the tax cuts. We must see to the added comfort of the already comfortable, and continue down a path to a caste-based society where only the wealthy get a say in what goes on in government.

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Statements on race spark disagreement between City Commission candidates

It's just like anything else and asking, "Given the options before me, do I choose this candidate or can we do better?". Sometimes the choice is hard. Sometimes the choice is easy.

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Trump, via angry tweets, confirms he's under investigation

How could we ever find a better role model for our children today?

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Gunman opens fire on GOP lawmakers at baseball practice; U.S. congressman among wounded

Doesn't fit the alt-right narrative, so it's ignored.

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Opinion: Trump supporters’ hypocrisy amazing

Never have, never will. The guy is a joke, a fraud, a con artist, and a criminal. The end of this farce of an administration can't come soon enough.

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Letter to the editor: Converting hate

Prove it.

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Letter to the editor: Trump unfairly treated

Some folks might want to buckle up. Tomorrow could be a rough ride. And whereas Mr. Masters might be able to write a note to himself, the FBI has used contemporaneous memos as evidence for decades. They're admissible in court.

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