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Letter: It’s still socialism

We'll never know if Barack Obama would've been a good president or not. Sigh.

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Letter: It’s still socialism

Britain is a social democracy.

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Letter: It’s still socialism

Willem Middlekoop lives in a social democracy, The Netherlands.

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Letter: It’s still socialism

In our next installment, we'll explore why today's oligarchy, where the most powerful people and corporations control all aspects of society, is the best for everybody. We'll examine why investment in things, rather than people, is truly best for the future of America. We'll help you discover why the European style of social democracy is an abject failure, and why the shrinking middle class and swiftly growing underclass don't really need education, healthcare, or any semblance of a future, let alone a living wage.

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Sebelius decries culture of 'terror' surrounding abortion

I abhor abortion, but many are completely oblivious to one reality. If abortion is made illegal, the wealthy and affluent will still have access to safe abortion. The poor and desperate will still seek an abortion, and you'll end up with dead women that pursue a back-alley solution. What has this governor done to welcome the newborn children of the poor into this world, into this state? How about attack and cut every single program to benefit the poor.

You can make abortion illegal, but what you're really doing is reinforcing the idea that abortion is only for those that can afford it, favoring the wealthy. How much is a plane trip to Israel? Ironic... that's a U.S. funded health care system, and abortion is on-demand.

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Kansas governor wants no tax debate, expects no budget drama

Bob, let me ask you this. Who do you want teaching our kids? You might think it's far-fetched, but you need to understand a very basic truth. Just about every professor teaching engineering, business, and law through the state education system could easily be earning more money in the private sector, and many of them do supplement their incomes as consultants. If you want community college salaries, you're going to end up with community college standards of excellence. I want my kids to be taught by the best professors possible in this system. I want my kids to be taught be engineering professors that are doing research and making new discoveries rather just reading out of a book. You obviously did not have that opportunity, but don't deny my kids.

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Top Kansas child welfare official rejects anti-gay criticism

I took a course on gender identity in school. Granted, it wasn't at Johns Hopkins, but it was in the latter part of the 20th century. The truth I gained from that course is that gender identity is a complicated issue, and required further study.

In summary, anybody that claims they know the unadulterated truth based on the opinion of one researcher is engaged in bovine scatology.

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Fear, unanswered questions dominate at guns on campus info session

How many school shootings have there been between then and now? I'm in my 50's, so my count is a little bit high.

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KU chancellor, distinguished professors state opposition to guns on campus

A lot of people get upset when a student dies of alcohol poisoning. Just because you don't recall it, doesn't mean it didn't happen.

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KU chancellor, distinguished professors state opposition to guns on campus

For balance, Justin should post a link, or links, to all of the accidental deaths caused by irresponsible gun ownership. Thousands upon thousands of Americans die every year due to gun violence... but hey, let's cherry-pick the one or two times each year there is a positive outcome to justify a position.

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