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Kansans bracing for battle over EPA's Clean Power Plan

People talk about this myth of "clean coal", and reduced emissions, but rarely does the issue of water come into the conversation. How much water does a coal-burning plant go through in a month? Maybe we ought to take that into consideration while we continue to tap the aquifer, draining it of life giving water.

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Kansans bracing for battle over EPA's Clean Power Plan

Why is always fossil fuels? You never see the EPA get up on their high horse and try to force cuts on emissions from wind power, solar, or tide power. It's almost like they think those types of energy are good for the environment. Just wait until they've got to put up with the noise of a solar power plant next to their houses.

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Thousands of Kansans mistakenly told they're off Medicaid

Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm trying to put a couple of pieces together in this puzzle.
1. Brownback appointed a new DCF chair some time ago that stated that turning over a number of the operations of the DCF to the private sector was in the offing.
2. The private sector provider was a supporter of Brownback's re-election campaign.
3. After two deaths of kids in the newly reconfigured DCF, somebody in some position of authority decides that an audit of the system is NOT in the public interest.
4. And now this...

Say what you will about the operation of state agencies, but I'd say the new system is off to a rather disappointing start.

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Kansas statistician battles government to determine whether vote count is flawed

Kobach's "Interstate Crosscheck" is making any number of eligible voters ineligible for no legal cause. These suspended voters are having their civil rights violated, and their votes are in limbo. He claims the voting records are locked up and sealed, but that further exacerbates the problem. What if a couple thousand of these voters can prove that their rights were violated and their suspended ballots should count? Does the permanent record get unsealed then?

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Lawmakers question Kansas policy on tax credit information

Anybody want to bet that if certain prominent individuals and industries are on that list that the list will never see the light of day?

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Kansas joins partnership to market region to film industry

How about a documentary about a failed governor and state legislature?

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In wake of ruling legalizing gay marriage nationwide, Brownback issues executive order on 'religious freedom'

Puffery. It is just about expected for this Governor to stick his chest out, and boldly proclaim his undying support for something that was already guaranteed by state and federal law, and of course taking credit as a defender of freedom, and protector of the faith. If there has ever been a bigger fraud in Kansas politics, I'd like to know who it is.

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Kansas collects $22 million less in taxes than expected this month; $32.8 million less for fiscal year

As will thousands of more Kansans every week. The thing that Sam has failed to comprehend over and over again is that the sales tax is voluntary. You won't be alone... many of his Johnson County supporters will be doing the same thing. Just another in a long string of failures by this administration. Who's buying their cigs at the Prairie Fire these days? Many. And in days to come those numbers will double, possibly triple.

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Kansas court orders state to immediately pay $49.6 million to local school districts

They'll cancel a retirement fund payment.

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Supreme Court declares nationwide right to same-sex marriage

And Brownback is on the wrong side of history for the, what, third time in two days?

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