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Letter: Voting woes

This is not good news. It's important that we have a one person/one vote system. The greatest tragedy, however, is that this is just the sort of thing that might cause our beloved Secretary of State to further lock down the polls, perhaps doing away with some forms of voting and further disenfranchising more voters. This time around it was just shy of 23,000 voters. I wonder if Kobach has a goal of 50,000 voters having their rights infringed upon in two years.

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Kansas asks appeals court to stay marriage ruling

I have yet to hear anyone I know in any state that allows marriage rights say that allowing gays to marry has had a detrimental effect on their marriage. That's because it doesn't. People are caught up in passages in the Bible passed down from a thousands of year old oral tradition, and picking and choosing which parts they want to stand by and which they want to disregard. It'll be funny if there's a rating system and some things are significantly more damning than others. "Oh, you were born gay and you married, lived a good life and took care of your neighbors under the New Covenant? Great! Step right in!.... Next! Hmmm.... lived a life of bigotry and self-righteousness... yeah, we'll let that go, but I see here you had 14 shrimp cocktails... sorry, man... protected species... down elevator!".

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Brownback faces verdict from voters on tax cuts

I wonder why no one has ever asked Brownback if he has ever been in a strip club, and if so, was it work related.

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Race between Sen. Roberts, Orman remains uncertain

Pat is five years older than Bob Dole was when Bob retired. Pat has earned the right to retire, and at age 78, he's still going to be pulling the same salary until his last day, with premium health care. He's been semi-retired for years as it is.

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Kansas tax collections fall $23M short in October

Folks, it's all very simple. If we take more away from those that have nothing, there will be so much more for the middle class, and that way we don't have to ask for a fair share from those that have more than what they need.

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Longtime pediatrician remembered for helping kids, community

He was a good man. He'll be greatly missed.

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Kansas Gov. Brownback says re-election foe undefined

Is it OK if we define Candidate Davis as "Not Brownback"? Pretty much all the defining I need.

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Kansas gay marriage: Drive underway to oust judge

Shouldn't he be lobbying for the ouster of some Supreme Court justices instead?

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Ex-DA slams Brownback ad using Wichita murders

And after 8 committees, still not a single example of wrongdoing by the Obama administration. Gasp.

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Kansas secretary of state candidates meet for second debate

'Tis far better that thousands become disenfranchised and lose their right to vote, than to allow three or four an opportunity to commit fraud at the voting booth.

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