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Revenue secretary defends outsourcing dozens of Kansas IT jobs, says state can't compete for talent

Yonder idiot might want to review how many very capable IT professionals were laid off during the Brownback administration. I don't want Kansas jobs outsources to Cleveland. We've got good people here. The fact it was a no-bid proves they started with the end in mind. Old boy network, anyone?

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Trump announces U.S. leaving Iran nuclear accord

No. We aren't thieves. The international court sided with the Iranians. We abided by the ruling, as a good international trade partner would do. Sorry you aren't versed in that area of history, Bob. There's your ignorance... again.

BTW, you were aware that the original Iranian regime we made the deal with was a puppet set up by our intelligence apparatus, right?

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Trump announces U.S. leaving Iran nuclear accord

It was the Iranian people's money all along. Saying anything otherwise demonstrates ignorance of historical fact.

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Restitution for wrongfully imprisoned heads to Kansas governor

An apology from the prosecutor might be nice, too.

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Free State golfer Andrew Park 3rd at Topeka Seaman Invitational

Note: Among the LHS players, Davis Reed has his name reversed, and Dane Reinsch has his last name misspelled.

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Letter to the editor: West no longer wild

"This law did not stop gun violence"
Dear Lord, man, the law was passed Monday night. You might want to go for a little bit longer sample period than 4 days.

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Thousands in Lawrence and Topeka join March for Our Lives protest

Maybe we can get the Bobs to address a gathering of victims' parents to explain why these kids should be seen and not heard, much like silhouettes at a shooting range.

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Letter to the editor: More guns needed

Maybe we could post pictures of dead high school kids and guess which ones were killed by assault weapons and which ones were killed with ordinary firearms. That should clear things up.

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Lawrence father Syed Jamal freed from jail as immigration case continues

I support immigrants and families. I came from both. Congrats to Mr. Jamal and his family.

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Letter to the editor: More guns needed

As gun ownership approaches infinity, gun deaths will approach zero. NRA Math.

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