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Kansas governor signs bill overhauling civil service system

I'm guessing that a big Brownback supporter runs a staffing agency, and this is step one of a goal. Lay off a bunch of state employees. Hire a staffing agency to fill needs. Staffing agency hires laid-off state employees at 75% or less of their previous salaries with 0 benefits, and said supporter pockets a huge paycheck. Meanwhile the tax-payers are subsidizing partisan wealth that will continue to donate heavily to the cause that netted him the big paycheck in the first place.

But Sam is a Christian first, and wouldn't hurt families and exploit workers to advance his own cause, would he?

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Proposal to raise sales tax clears Kansas House panel

Tax the poor into prosperity! Sounds like a Bircher campaign slogan.

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Proposal to raise sales tax clears Kansas House panel

LOL. I wonder how many of ol' Sam's supporters in Johnson County will do their grocery shopping in Missouri with this? This is, for the most part, and elective tax. I live in Lawrence, but work on State Line Road in Leawood. I can easily dodge this tax by going across the street. I wonder how the Kansas Auto Dealers will like this one?

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Kansas House panel passes bill to end business tax break

Here's a thought for people in government that can't do math. How about addressing your court ordered responsibilities first, then find reasonable ways to cut spending BEFORE you cut state revenues by billions to satisfy a small but powerful constituency?

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Kansas lawmakers gravitate toward raising state's sales tax

Love it. Gotta collect that revenue from the homeless and poor... damned leaches on society. Wouldn't it be easier if the poor would just stop being poor? /sarcasmoff

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Letter: School questions

Kevin, you quoted as one of your sources, and that site is maintained (with spin) by Kansas Policy Institute. So, yes, Richard's reply is on topic and not a hijack.

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Kansas bill requiring university prospectuses stalls

This is a "Dave Trabert/Kansas Policy Institute" proposal. The irony is in the fact that grants are being given to Kansas students attending private schools (remember the percentages?). Will the private schools that are receiving state funds for students also be required to present a prospectus under this plan?
I have no real problem with some sort of documentation about future income, etc... but keep in mind that many people choose their profession based on whether or not it makes them happy. Is their a happiness meter?

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Attorney: Kansas need not have best school funding system

The old model wasn't working because Kansas public schools couldn't break into the top 20, so we'll adopt the Texas model and learn to be satisfied with a bottom 10 state for public education.
Bircher logic. I'm curious about one thing... do the states in the top 20 have teacher's unions?

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