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Saturday Column: KU must foster better relationships in Topeka

I whole heartedly agree with Bob's second paragraph. I have often been surprised by what the high and mighty (Brownback and his minions) think of themselves. I am also not surprised to find that it might be difficult for them to look 'eye to eye to another' (sic), while they walk out of back rooms with their cookie-cutter legislation on ALEC letterhead, and their marching orders from the Kochs' astroturf, John Birch Society-influenced Tea Party.

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Kansas Supreme Court strikes down block grant school funding law

A win for public schools and public school students in Kansas.

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Kansas House budget plan still hits KU, shields KU Med

I wonder how many of the legislators have an objective perspective about the University of Kansas, rather than a perspective skewed by their preference for another state school? Rhoades is a Wildcat, Kahrs went to Wichita State. I wonder if there is a list of legislators and their alma maters somewhere.

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Bill expanding tax credits for private school scholarships advances

I love this. You advance a bill giving more to the private schools at the same time that the state decides to cut funding for gifted/talented programs as part of special education funding as well. It's almost like some strange, nebulous organization is orchestrating the funding in the state, trying to steer the parents of the brightest kids to pull their kids out of public schools and send them to indoctrination centers like Wichita Collegiate.

Or... you could get the hell out of Kansas and move to a state that cares about their best and brightest.

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Kansas Senate panel puts brakes on KU Central District project

You have to love the relationship between the State of Kansas and the University of Kansas. The state offers 20% of the funding, but wants 100% of the control.

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Budget panel strikes back at KU over bond deal

Does Rhoades amendment only apply to the University of Kansas, or does it have provisions that apply to his alma mater as well?

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Statistician's lawyer: Kansas votes audit is vital because each one counts

As a democratic society, we should use every election as a learning opportunity, and consider providing Kansas voting information to statisticians and political science instructors at our state universities.

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Kansas regents approve new gun policy to comply with state law; university policies to come next

Can someone provide me information on the number of incidents on KU's campus involving guns? When was the last time a student or faculty member was shot on campus. It must be some sort of epidemic to inspire such fear.

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