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Lawrence school district proposes more than $1.2 million in budget cuts and reallocations

How much of that is earmarked for KPERS Dave? You have demonstrated a proclivity to bundle your numbers and frame your version of the truth. Break it down, show us where every little increase is. Then compare it to the real numbers today. How's Skyline doing?

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Kansas Senate rejects tax bill; House postpones debate

Anybody want to guess how quick Sen. Pyle would backtrack if the cuts were to come from his district first? I'm going to guess he hasn't put forth an itemized list of things his district would voluntarily cut.

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Kansas universities lack firm plan for concealed guns on campus, making some anxious

One of my high school classmat's lost his daughter a short time ago. Shot in the head by some punk with a gun. I would've liked to have waited a few lifetimes longer, thank you very much.

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Kansas House advances bill giving Kobach power to prosecute election crimes

Straw man. There are currently adequate laws on the books and federal prosecutors that have the authority to prosecute election crimes, Andy. What is really going on is that the legislators that have put a little thought into it are likely looking at the office of Secretary of State and the powers of the office as defined in the Kansas Constitution and look at this as overreaching. Keep in mind that tens of thousands of Kansas citizens have had their right to vote suspended for no justifiable reason. Their names match somebody else's name, or they have had a name change due to a change in marital status... and not a single one of them has been submitted for prosecution in this district. (See I have no idea how you can claim this bill is "desperately needed". Please provide evidence to that effect, because as far as I can tell, the need to grant Kobach prosecutorial powers is merely granting him another soapbox and excuse for dodging his real responsibilities in getting the vote out.

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Tax plans coming together, but business owners' taxes still a hot issue

Indeed. In Kansas, we call them "Americans for Prosperity".

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Tax plans coming together, but business owners' taxes still a hot issue

It's pretty simple. Lower the taxes for people that vote for you, raise the taxes on people that don't vote for you.

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Kansas governor says using private email, cell is simpler

I absolutely agree. Whatever is required to support the Kansas Open Records Act.

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Kansas legislators struggle to draft tax plan for budget fix

LOL. Fiscal responsibility at its finest. If you don't have time to do it right, when will you find time to do it over? Doesn't really matter, the sheep are footing the bill.

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Kansas governor signs bill overhauling civil service system

Your plan is a failure from top to bottom. Own it.

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