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In new ad, group backing Brownback praises governor for school bill but doesn't mention repeal of teacher tenure

Anybody want to bet that a significant number of the "low-income children" that benefit from the private school scholarships also excel at sports?

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Private health clubs get property tax exemption under Senate amendment

It sure would be nice if Lawrence had a YMCA or YWCA to compete with the for-profit gyms in Lawrence that have few-to-zero youth programs. Granted, the LPR does a pretty good job, but more gym space would be a tremendous boon to the community.

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Column: For our sakes, Embiid should stay at KU

Catch up, Phillip. Joel Embiid posted this on his twitter account in a tweet to Cliff Alexander about 8:22 this morning that he hasn't made a decision yet.

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Brownback signs into law bill limiting party switching

I keep waiting for the quip about those switching from the GOP will be subject to Sharia law.

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Kansas House gives final approval to bill backing out of Obamacare

Now if we can get that bill passed that makes it legal to sacrifice the weak and uninsured to the HateGod, so that only the healthy and strong can survive for the benefit of the species! Make it happen!

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Kansas House GOP unveils school funding proposal

Anybody want to guess who really wrote the bill?

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KU Student Senate votes to eliminate student fee for athletics

I don't think the KU Student Senate considered the long term ramifications of this action. How will this affect student seating at basketball and football games? What about the bonds on the student rec center? Will KU consider an "activity ticket" such as we see in high schools for those students that want to attend sporting events, but at a premium price? Time will tell.

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Jenkins: No immigration reform until White House or Senate changes hands

Paraphrasing... "Choose your enemies well, for you shall come to resemble them". How ironic for the House, controlled by the Republicans, so critical of the poor that are dependent upon food stamps and government aid, that they are choosing the path of doing nothing, yet still expect a paycheck... and free healthcare.

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State senator cuts $2 million proposal for research at KU; fellow lawmaker suggests removal is a vendetta

Sounds like Arpke is cherry-picking his facts. KU had a huge bump in enrollment in 2008 following KU's Orange Bowl victory in football and a National Championship in basketball. One would expect declines following in ensuing years. Maybe a 10 year or 20 year trend would be more appropriate?

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State senator criticizes KU over Guth tweet, Caboni email, tuition and graduation rates

In some areas the University of Kansas is already on par if not surpassing all of the schools you've mentioned. Pharmacology, Environmental Sciences,
Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical & Biomechanical Engineering are all on the rise. How about federally recognized Cancer Research Center? Fact of the matter is, top students want to pursue their undergraduate and graduate studies at schools with professors and programs that are making a difference, and Kansans should be proud of the fact that we're doing that here with public schools. Go back and take a look at that list of schools you just rattled off - do you want to compete with those schools, or do you want to see Kansas' best and brightest write off in-state education because we need to "stay on the porch". Most of the time when those students leave, they don't come back.

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