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Governor seeks study of big changes to KPERS

The acronym you're looking for is BOHICA.

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Jenkins says conservatives won in $1.1 trillion spending bill

Please, please, please attend Rep. Jenkins' town hall meeting and put her to task on every single corrupt component of this bill. I want video of her squirming when she has to defend her support of this budget.

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Editorial: ‘First steps’

2 Billionaire brothers > Every single state employee in the state of Kansas. Thus is the nature of the oligarchy. I wonder what's in the marching orders handed out at the ALEC conference last week? We ought to find out, as we, the tax payers, will be paying for the state legislators' expenses to attend that con...


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KU announces historic $58 million gift from alumni

The best part is that their gift is one that will continue for generations. The young scholars that are the beneficiaries of the Self's gifts will succeed and remember, and in turn express their gratitude for their opportunies. The University of Kansas is blessed to have had alumni such as Al & Lila Self. Thank you.

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Your Turn: KU lecturer shares academic freedom view

Mr Hall has made one serious mistake in his argument. His mail, delivered by the US Postal Service, is private and protected by federal law. His email, however, is the property of the organization that owns the email system - there is zero guarantee of privacy. He may argue all day that his emails are his private property, but there is precedence that has established time and time again that his missives are not his property. As a messaging communication professional, I would advise any and all that want to secure their email to either buy their own domain and implement their own email system with digital certificates to digitally sign and encrypt their email, or avoid using email altogether. Mr. Hall's argument about academic freedom is moot - no one is restricting his ability to communicate, nor is any one restricting who he can communicate with. In light of the recent rules imposed by the Board of Regents regarding the use of social media, email is media and social as well, therefore he needs to turn over the requested documents... or the admins could merely pull them out of the archive.

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Kansas lawmakers attend ALEC meeting in D.C.

If Kansas tax payers are footing the bill, I want 100% disclosure of all meetings and minutes.

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Under scrutiny for Koch connection, KU director sues over records; judge blocks release

Email is NOT protected in the same fashion as mail delivered by the US Postal Service. Email belongs to the organization that owns the email system. That means that the people of the State of Kansas (i.e. you and me) own those emails and not Mr. Hall. It's not a matter of open records. Anybody that knows anything about email knows you should never have an assumption of privacy on a system you don't own. Release the emails. He's an employee of the State of Kansas.

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Saturday column: Brownback has chance to put Kansas in more positive position

If past performance is an indicator of future expectations, I think we have cause to worry. Budget shortfalls, eradication of services, lowering of credit ratings are an inevitability. But it is a matter of prioritization - we're prioritizing the needs of the (non)job creators, millionaires and billionaires, over the needs of our kids, the poor, the infirm. I guess it's the way we roll here in the Bible belt.

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Letter: Voting woes

Tell that to the 23,000 that have had their voting rights suspended. I'm sure they're sympathetic. Many of them have provided ID and are still suspended thanks to a flawed computer program written based on incomplete information.

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Kansas appeals to U.S. Supreme Court with gay marriage ban set to lift

And then there's the right to visit loved ones in the hospital. I've heard too many stories about couples in committed relationships being barred by bigoted family members because they are in denial about someone's life and orientation. It's time to let the hate go.

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