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Dog instructor lauds electric collars in teaching obedience

Dogs are not human and do not respond like humans think they should. (they don't speak languages and can not read human thoughts) In order to train a dog with any success, you must first understand the way a dog thinks and socializes within the pack. As a good owner you must establish yourself as the alpha dog or you will have an out of control animal that is a harm to others and itself. The e collar training may not be for every dog, but for our dog Middie who is an intelligent cattle dog, it has been the best method we have found (and we tried many different ways) We started with giving a treat every time she followed a learned command, but she became more interested in the treat and would not focus on the task at hand. Praise is now her reward and she gets plenty of praise on a daily basis. Greg has taught us how to use the collar in tandem with the command so that the dog knows what is being asked of her. It is NEVER used as a negative reminder of something the dog does wrong. The best way to handle poor behavior is to distract the dog into something they should be doing and then praise that behavior. After 3 sessions with Greg and daily routine, we have not had to use the remote as a reminder for any commands given to her.

It is easy to judge something you have no clue about until you have tried it and know that it makes for a very happy, social, and relaxed companion.

And BTW- no one arranged this story to be in the paper. The paper was out scouting for events happening around town.

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Two dead, two injured in industrial accident at Lawrence's MagnaGro International

This is very sad to me. I work just down the street from this site. I am still amazed that this company has not been shut down due to all the previous offenses for safety violations and environmental damage they have caused. We saw the emergency vehicles outside for the millionth time and assumed something was wrong, but never imagined it would be this horrible outcome. My thoughts are with the friends and family of all the folks that have lost a loved one due to this tragic event.

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