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Opinion: KU's offense not quite right in opener

Fredmandu is correct. I like Weis, he's humorous, good communicator but his play calling and personnel decisions need improvement. IMO, Weis blew the Rice game last year by abandoning the run when KU was gashing them to "call the game" his way. Same at Northern Illinois . KU should and could have ran up and down the field on that team all night and hung 21 or 28 by half. He has 5 running backs with speed. Why in the heck are they putting Mathews in to run a pistol, wildcat, or Jayhawk formation for a sweep? If you are going to run a sweep out of a shotgun have the running backs run the ball!. Hell, we should have had 400 yards of rushing against the worst team from Mo Valley. Frustrating.

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LHS wrestling wins Eudora tourney

Congrats to LHS. LJW - the wrestling team wins a 22 team tournament and this is all you can muster up for an article? They are currently ranked #1 in 6a. How about some coverage and respect this season? terrible.

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Carter, Dever and Schumm raise more than $13,000 each for Lawrence City Commission campaigns

"advertising is expensive". Not in Lawrence. Ask mike rundle how he came from nowhere to beat McFadden in 97 or 98.

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Reserves good, but Morris twins key for KU basketball — again

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Hill carries FSHS girls hoops past Lions, 43-40

Hail - they are not. others are wrestling on the backside. It is just especially awesome for Lawrence that two are in finals and even more disappointing that LJW has no mention of it. They are in fact in 9th place after day 1.

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Hill carries FSHS girls hoops past Lions, 43-40

LJW - Lawrence High Wrestling has 2 young men wrestling for the state championship today but you have no mention of it. Freshman Hunter Haralson at 112 and Sophomore Reece Wright Conklin at 160. I would think this accomplishment would be your lead High School Sports story!

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Minnesota AD 'can't guarantee' Brewster-to-Kansas rumors are false

This just in: Dirk Wedd interviewing for Kansas Head Coaching position. Wedd was contacted by Perkins although calls to both parties have not been returned to confirm the meeting. Lawrence High Athletic Director, Ron Commons, granted Perkins permission to speak with Wedd. It is also rumored that Ron Prince and Bob Stull will be in Lawrence tomorrow to interview for position coaches in the event Wedd is selected.

What a joke - next thing we know Pat Ruel or Bob Fellow will be a candidate.

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Ex-player accuses Mangino of mistreatment

Mangino has been the best thing for KU Football in well of 40 years. More bowl games, more bowl wins, better athletes, more TV games, better results, better recruits! Head Coaches get much credit when all is great and lots of blame when things do not go great. This unfortunate season has give Lew a reason to open up his witch hunt. True KU Football fans respect what Mangino has done for KU. 23 months ago he is Coach of The Year and now he is Dirt? I don't buy it. Football is a tough sport, mentally & physically. Guess what - so is life after football. AD could have fired him months or years ago but didn't - Why not? Because KU was winning enough to fill the stadium and making $$. Perkins put up with it then, now he wont. maybe he should be fired too. I like Mangino, I will miss Mangino. I imagine only about 17,000 other fans agree with me because that is what the average attendance has been at KU games before Mangino. uh, oh - just saw Bill Self yelling at a player - maybe there will be an investigation

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