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Letter to the editor: Electoral College purpose

I rather like the ranked choice voting (RCV) system. It effectively provides an "instant runoff" without the cost and logistics of scheduling a separate runoff election. Maine just became the first state to vote in a switch to ranked choice voting, which will take effect by 2018. I think RCV encourages more people to vote by making their votes more relevant in some situations.

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Discussion of more signs for Kasold-SLT intersection on tap; thoughts of a Crossgate Drive interchange for the SLT

I've seen cars go from southbound 1200 to eastbound K10 (not just attempting straight across, and a pickup make a left from K10 to northbound 1200, going around the new barriers in the process. I would say no left turn signs for K10 eastbound / westbound lanes, and right turn _only_ signs for 1200 Rd northbound and southbound approaches should be added post haste, to make it absolutely clear to knuckleheads that left hand entry/exit and straight across on 1200 are prohibited. A rumble strip (about 1/2" high, 4 inches wide) between the eastbound and westbound lanes in the vicinity would also help, without posing as much hazard as a fence would be.

For the reader who mentioned yield signs, I know I've seen a yield sign going from 1200 southbound to K10 westbound, and the signage plan called for "yield ahead" signs both northbound and southbound 1200 Rd, which I think are there, but haven't doublechecked.
I'm attaching the signage plan KDOT sent out before the closure of the intersection for conversion to right in / right out only.

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New fabric and craft retailer opens in south Lawrence; sales taxes continue to surge, while questions persist about SLT shopping center

"at the intersection of the South Lawrence Trafficway and the SLT"

Hmm. That isn't very descriptive. Kind of like saying "at the intersection of US59 and United States Highway 59", since SLT stands for South Lawrence Trafficway. It could apply to any of (at least) seven interchanges.

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Renowned sculptor Jim Brothers dies

Rest in peace, Jim.

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Do you use a Mac or PC and why?

Yes, I use a Mac or PC, because my abacus doesn't have much memory and isn't any good for photo editing.

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Lawrence man finds debris from Reading tornado in backyard

I found a receipt from the Reading Grain & Lumber, Inc. dated 7/10/2008 in my sw Lawrence yard today.

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‘World’ focus

Majestic42, try scanning this morning's LJW (March 28, 2011).
Page 1A - nothing but sports. Same for pages 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A, 7A, and 8A.
More than 2/3rds of page 1B: Sports.

The fail's on you, Majestic42.

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‘World’ focus

Majestic42, there are plenty of other things besides sports that fit the term LOCAL. With bigger long term impact than a basketball tournament. What part of that don't you understand?

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‘World’ focus

I agree with the letter to the editor. I subscribed to the Lawrence Journal-World, not the Lawrence Journal-Sports - a decision I'm reconsidering after this past week. I understand the paper's shift to a more local focus, but even local non-sports news (such "minor" issues of little importance, such as $50 million state cuts to education) was relegated to relative obscurity. It is like subscribing to Time or Newsweek and finding Sports Illustrated delivered instead. That is not saying that Sports Illustrated is bad - if it is being sold as (and under the name) Sports Illustrated. To deliver a paper with a primary focus on sports, when the name and history have implied a broader focus (Lawrence Journal-World) is a bait and switch.
It leaves me looking for the off switch.

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Kaw Valley Shape Note Singing Assn. gathering -- 02/22/09 at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

Correction: The February 22nd sing is at the Pennington's, 2203 Massachusetts Street.

The March / April / May sings are at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 1:30pm.

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