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Professor leaves legacy of hope

What a loss. He was indeed a great man. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

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Sprinkles possible this afternoon

Anything Jennifer Schack says is okay with me!

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Nonsense takes center stage as city honors art movement

With apologies to bozo and pelliott, and a tip of the hat to Boog, robinrander has the definitive post on this subject:

"This is better than the guy who keeps his foot in a bucket on his porch."

Now THAT'S funny!

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Retiree claims privacy invasion

Bravo Badger. I think your moderate credentials are now beyond question. And the really funny thing is most Americans agree, more or less with the majority of the points you outlined. It's just that you'll never convince those with ideologically oriented outlooks (from either end of the political spectum) that you're not just "wishy- washy". It's very sad indeed.

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Seven arrested in Iraq war protest


Yea, macon, too bad they can't spend all their time posting on internet forums like we do. That'd be a much more productive way to spend their time.

Great post bozo! Kind of puts it all in perspective...........

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Sen. Bob Dole's Christmas cards on display

I just want to thank Ragingbear for chiming in on this article. Bob Dole lost the use of his right arm and almost died fighting Nazi Germany so that you can spew your insensitive and ignorant opinions about this innocuous exhibit.

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Postcard repudiates Mirecki's remarks

Wow, when Wendt went to work this web-site became woefully warped. There, how's that for keeping it civil? (I really need to get a life)

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Conservative made postings public

Ew, I knew he was an ugly, ignorant, hateful little man....his photo says it all. Bleck

Let's not go down this road. Personal insults add nothing to this discussion and will only inspire more of the same.

I agree with the "let Kansas be Kansas" sentiments. To whatever extent the "image" of Kansas deters folks from moving here, (and there is no way to quantify such a thing, though I don't deny it's existence) my feeling is any bad publicity Kansas gets is more the result of the hand-wringing and "Chicken Little" reaction by some Kansans than the result of any real changes in the way Biology may be taught in our schools. It's almost a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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Conservative made postings public


Come on home. In spite of the impression you may get from the media and these kinds of forums, Kansas is not "controlled by the religious right", nor do "Religious Extremists control everything". I mean it. It's just not true. The state is largely Republican as always, and there is an ongoing struggle in the Republican party between the moderate and conservative wings. The Intellegent Design issue, gay marriage, education funding and other issues have been, and continue to be sources of hot debate. This is the case in many states around the country and the democratic process will sort all of this out in due time. Massachusetts or California it ain't, (for which I am "extremely" thankful) but I think Kansas will be okay. Come on in. The water's fine.

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Conservative made postings public


If the band doesn't work out maybe a new reality show based on the "Odd Couple" theme. Think of Jack Klugman and Tony Randle and tell me this idea doesn't have Emmy Award written all over it.

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