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City Commission candidates debate downtown parking issues at forum

I've used both parking garages down town frequently.... I've never seen them at capacity. FWIW.

This was for everyday, errand running or general shopping type usage. I think it would be understandable that parking would be hard to come by during a parade or special event, that should be understandable.

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Auto dealership opening near 23rd and Haskell; Kansas incomes lag behind nation in 2014

The higher wage is to put up with living in Ames. Hazard pay.

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Jury trials pushed out for two co-defendants, one a pro baseball player, in Lawrence aggravated robbery case

Chaley, for someone who knows nothing of this case except what they read in the paper, you sure are sure about a lot of things.

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Lawrence police seek two suspects in Feb. 8 triple shooting; family issues statement

Actually, if you read Bob's first comment I believe he was advocating for "innocent until proven guilty" in an effort to rebut the negative commentary.

The additional comments were arguing the finer point of Patty Hearst's case.

At least that's what I took from it.

Regardless, Rachael's mother and I continue to hold vigil, praying she come home, reach out or otherwise escape the situation she's currently in and get back to us in one piece. Whatever the case this episode will have effected all of our lives forever, especially Rachael's. And, we pray that one day things may be able to return to a semblance of normalcy.

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Lawrence police seek two suspects in Feb. 8 triple shooting; family issues statement

Thank you Michelle. That is exactly the person she was and I hope still is. Thank you for your prayers.

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Lawrence police seek two suspects in Feb. 8 triple shooting; family issues statement

Dorothy, what if she's a captive person and can't...... is she still bad in your obviously jaded eyes? Or what if her minds been so manipulated that she thinks what she's doing is the right thing as evidenced from what we know of this guy.... is she not a good person then? I'd like to her what you think.

Rachael volunteered at the Lawrence Humane Society, she volunteered to take snacks to South Junior High for under privileged kids over her lunch hour while a senior in high school, she volunteered to help organize and clean the food pantry at the homeless shelter here in town..... and one anecdote that I like to tell people so they can get an idea of what her personality was like... she loved downtown Lawrence. One time when she was in junior high I gave her $5 to go downtown with her friends to get ice cream. When she got home a friend of hers that was with her pulled me aside and told me she gave the $5 to a homeless man and went without ice cream.

That's the kind of person Rachael was. This is not and I will challenge anyone with a quick comment that says different because they like commenting on the newspaper message boards.

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Lawrence police seek two suspects in Feb. 8 triple shooting; family issues statement

This isn't Rachael, it isn't what she does. She was double majoring in Juvenile Justice and Sociology at KU and was half way through college holding down a near full time job. Her mother and I fear for her safety. And whatever involvement she has with this, the legal process will be served, we just want her home and safe. The picture above is from a minor infraction involving underaged drinking if that's what you'd like to call "not being new to criminal charges". She had just met this guy a few weeks before this... and Bill, my daughter is not a scumbag.

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New two-lane Wakarusa roundabout may be a little confusing at first, but it's safer, city official says

Literally, the entire rest of the world uses roundabouts. I've never understood the amount of confusion over their usage. Of course, something new is going to take a moment to ponder, maybe even a few times through it to "get the hang of it".... but the incessant confusion every time another roundabout is mentioned in the paper has me baffled.

For the simple 2 lane roundabout replacement for a four way stop, use the left lane if your exit is beyond the second one, use the right if it's the first or second exit. Once you've done it a few times it'll become old hat.

For reference, I used to live 3 blocks from a 38 entrance roundabout in Medford, Mass. that I used at least twice a day. It was so big it had traffic lights within the roundabout. I recently returned from a three week stay in Scotland where roundabouts are used as often as sidewalks..... honestly, we are way behind the times here in middle America. Stop being afraid of 'different'.... it's really not big deal. If you want to argue cost or vs. emergency vehicles, etc... that's a different argument worth debate.... usage, however, is not.

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