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Letter: That’s enough

Remind me again what the "AR" stands for in AR-15.

Remind me what is the definition of "assault"?

I'm for ownership of guns and the second amendment. I'm also for honesty and not misrepresenting the facts.

As for a waiting period to purchase.... for what reason would someone "need" any firearm.... now? As in right now or this afternoon or tomorrow? Things that happen in the heat of the moment or in a spontaneous nature are the only reasons. These are exactly the same reasons we don't need instantaneous purchase of weapons.

I plan on buying a hunting rifle for next year's deer season. I also plan on planning ahead so I have it in time. If I wait until the day of the season, I know I'll be out of luck for that week of hunting.

It's not rocket surgery.

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Planet Withey: KU center moves up blocks list as Jayhawks rout Richmond

Richmond Spiders ............. get it? What professional do you hire to rid your home of spiders?... get it?

I can see the straw you're grabbing at.... but the average reasonable person can see a sports article for what it is and the fact that the headline was a typical tangent for a sports headline.

Why do you buy the paper copy anyway given your proclivity for consternation with the contents?

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Haskell Indian Nation University Students Suffer Again.

This way is cheaper. Just a guess.

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Topeka man sentenced for poaching record deer

Them Kent brothers...... keeping the family name proud.

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Pool complaint

Any valid argument you might have had was lost due to your usage of 'absolutes'...

....because you've checked opening times at every US pool? Etc...

Makes you sound like the typical LJW comments whiner and not someone with a legit complaint.

Sorry, try again.

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Orchards Golf Course for sale

If you are in the market I bet you could get them to disclose the asking price to you.

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Plastic bag ban?

I hate plastic bags. I've gathered about 20 reusable shopping bags over the last few years.

They are popular give away items at many events. I haven't paid for one yet.

I try to take them everytime I grocery shop..... bonus: the handles have never broken on me and they hold a whole lot more per bag.

I'm done here.

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No to rec center

Say no to development west of Iowa!

Say no to more downtown development!

Building Clinton Lake is a huge mistake!

I-70 who needs it?

The city is ruined....

Wait, sorry I was channeling the Ghosts of Whiners with lack of Foresights Past.

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Boycott Theater Complexes Showing "The Campaign"

I we wonder why people make fun of us.

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Kansas encouraging online vehicle tag renewals

Newsflash. Morse code puts pony express out of business.

Last I heard, the online option hasn't cost anyone their job. Last I heard there are still lines at the Co. Treasurer's office and all the satellites.

I think you need to pick a different banner to stand behind, merrill

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