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City leaders to seek compromise for East Ninth Project design

If you take out all that the grant supports then the grant goes away........
(taps forehead) think.

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Capital city begs to differ with Commissioner Matthew Herbert's Topeka bashing; Herbert apologizes

Hey, if the shoe fits, right?

I stand with Matt, Topeka may be trying.... but it's still Topeka and it deserves his comments.

Don't turn Lawrence into a barren wasteland where the arts are concerned.

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Brownback signs bill imposing more Kansas welfare restrictions

No. Tim hit the nail on the head.

This is not to say that you're view isn't different, because it obviously is. But THEY think they're doing the right thing, which is what I think Tim was expressing.

Sorry Kathleen.

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Property owners need to start paying for sidewalk repair, city manager says

We moved in to a newly constructed home in 1994. The home had a newly constructed sidewalk in front of it.

We've been in this house now for 22 years.

The side walk is fine.

I'm not sure what sidewalks the people in the forum are used to, but maybe they have shoddy construction and need yearly work done so they won't crumble?

I get the sidewalk weather rules and I comply. I get the maintenance rules...I do feel the city should foot at least part of the bill, but I also think some people are blowing something out of proportion that may only need be addressed maybe twice in your lifetime if you live at the same address your entire life.

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New Lawrence law up for vote would allow goats, sheep and bee hives

Should Clara be required to have a license to comment?

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Lawrence man, woman sentenced for 2015 triple shooting

I said in the beginning that this wasn't who my daughter is. It still isn't. The man she was involved with for just a few weeks used drugs and alcohol to basically begin the task of destroying my daughter's life. Since these horrible events took place I've been contacted by other parents in the KC/Topeka areas who gave me stories of this exact same tactic being used on their daughters by this same man. This had happened at least twice in the past 3 years. The crimes were smaller, but the tactic was the same. Other than that, I make no excuses here. As I said in the beginning let the legal process sort things out. It has. Now she has 8 years to contemplate what was done and the decisions she's made.
There is much more to this story from behind the scenes that isn't worth getting into more than I already have. Just know that this isn't the person my daughter is. I know every parent says that, but it's true. Without this man entering her life this would have never happened and she would still be on course to graduate KU with two majors next year and working a full time job, volunteering at the animal shelter and homeless shelter, the food bank and delivering snacks from church to underprivileged kids.

I hope this post doesn't come off as harassment. The purpose was to address misinformation and I believe I've done that. Every opinion expressed by me in this post was taken from the facts known and are not conjecture or assumptions.

I am a father. Regardless of your opinion it's the responsibility of a father to stand up for his children. I believe I have done that in the most unbiased way I know how.

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Lawrence man, woman sentenced for 2015 triple shooting

Why do some people take such delight in other people's misery?

It's very difficult to convey tone in written communication. One person may infer anger or elevated voices while another may not. Let me preface this by saying my tone is calm and even with no anger.

I was told by friends that I should leave this alone, that I shouldn't respond. But I am a father and I find it very difficult to just stand by. So I would like to set a few things straight. Every one has their own opinion and I respect that. I do feel, however, that one should form one's opinions based on a certain level of factual information.

I have been a part of this since before there was a story in the LJW. I have monitored all the news outlets and social media. To my knowledge I am the only family member who has ever commented here on the paper, and I know I didn't harass anyone. I did ask that people not jump to judgement before the facts were known. I know a few friends commented and their tone got a little heated with some people who were casting judgement before anything was known. You might be able to understand how that could happen if someone were attacking a friend of yours, right wrong or indifferent.

I'm not sure why Paige so obviously gets so much joy out of this, it doesn't make any rational sense. But Paige, you have some of your facts wrong for someone who has followed this closely from day one. Again, I'm the only family member of Rachael's who ever commented here. I didn't pick a fight with anyone. I can't speak for the other families. Rachael's Facebook page has remained unchanged since a few weeks before this happened. It's the same today. There are none of the comments you mention. If you saw comments it was from someplace else. You say "as if she didn't shoot 3 people and flee"..... she didn't. For someone who followed the story so closely that it was their daily entertainment, you don't seem to have many of your facts straight. You're amazed that people were shocked about the outcome, I'm amazed at your lack of knowledge of the actual facts of the case and spreading misinformation as fact. The part that hoped someone would show up came to fruition, though the logic here is sound. I'm sorry to disappoint you.


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Price Chopper looking at bringing grocery store to Lawrence; potential issues facing a downtown grocery store

I don't know, but it's possible that an eastern corridor option would be too close to the PC off of Woodland Rd?

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Hearing aids and walker belonging to 79-year-old reported stolen from Allen Fieldhouse

The medical command post at AFH will watch walkers for people and bring them to the section they're at at the end of the game.

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