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Lawrence Humane Society plans for construction of new animal shelter

I miss the days when David was running for all the open seats in Lawrence at the same time.

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Gunshot reported outside row of KU fraternity and sorority houses

Just for clarity... that area is not campus.

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The most beautiful place in Kansas is in Lawrence; new numbers show Kansas economy strongest in the region, creating questions for Brownback

Dorothy, the days of bunk houses full of farm hands was gone before either of us were born.

Please pick a more germane comment to make.

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Capital city begs to differ with Commissioner Matthew Herbert's Topeka bashing; Herbert apologizes

I came across this quote from a friend of a friend who lives in Topeka...

"The lesson to learn here is that if your city denies a budget for the arts and for making the city aesthetically pleasing, like Topeka (did), then people will hate living and investing there.

Eventually things will get so bad that privately and publicly funded fixes for the eye sores that have become large swaths of town will have to be created. When you consider the human capital and dollars lost in the intervening years, in addition to the costly fixes it seems like the people of Lawrence don't deserve to learn the lesson the people of Topeka ... have had to learn the hard way.

Way to go Councilman Herbert for trying to protect your city in the short and long term!"

- A Topeka Resident

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City leaders to seek compromise for East Ninth Project design

If you take out all that the grant supports then the grant goes away........
(taps forehead) think.

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Capital city begs to differ with Commissioner Matthew Herbert's Topeka bashing; Herbert apologizes

Hey, if the shoe fits, right?

I stand with Matt, Topeka may be trying.... but it's still Topeka and it deserves his comments.

Don't turn Lawrence into a barren wasteland where the arts are concerned.

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Brownback signs bill imposing more Kansas welfare restrictions

No. Tim hit the nail on the head.

This is not to say that you're view isn't different, because it obviously is. But THEY think they're doing the right thing, which is what I think Tim was expressing.

Sorry Kathleen.

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Property owners need to start paying for sidewalk repair, city manager says

We moved in to a newly constructed home in 1994. The home had a newly constructed sidewalk in front of it.

We've been in this house now for 22 years.

The side walk is fine.

I'm not sure what sidewalks the people in the forum are used to, but maybe they have shoddy construction and need yearly work done so they won't crumble?

I get the sidewalk weather rules and I comply. I get the maintenance rules...I do feel the city should foot at least part of the bill, but I also think some people are blowing something out of proportion that may only need be addressed maybe twice in your lifetime if you live at the same address your entire life.

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New Lawrence law up for vote would allow goats, sheep and bee hives

Should Clara be required to have a license to comment?

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