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No to rec center

Say no to development west of Iowa!

Say no to more downtown development!

Building Clinton Lake is a huge mistake!

I-70 who needs it?

The city is ruined....

Wait, sorry I was channeling the Ghosts of Whiners with lack of Foresights Past.

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Boycott Theater Complexes Showing "The Campaign"

I we wonder why people make fun of us.

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Kansas encouraging online vehicle tag renewals

Newsflash. Morse code puts pony express out of business.

Last I heard, the online option hasn't cost anyone their job. Last I heard there are still lines at the Co. Treasurer's office and all the satellites.

I think you need to pick a different banner to stand behind, merrill

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Kansas encouraging online vehicle tag renewals

Renewing online is the way to go. It used to be that you had to have the same insurance as last year.

My understanding now is that as long as your agent reports your info to whatever national database is used that the cops look up when they pull you over... then you're ok.

I had two cars go through fine and my third... which hasn't changed insurance, I had to go in personally and take care of it because the insurance didn't report it to that database.

So I don't think having the same insurance as last year matters anymore.

Short story.... online reg. it's the way to go... and, my stickers were here literally three days later.

Hint: Use the eCheck option, it's free. If you use a credit card you'll get a 2-3% charge based on how much your tags are... which could add up.

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Prosecutors dismiss DUI charge against former KU, pro football player

I just renewed my tags next to a nice elderly gentleman in a Rascal doing the same. I am pretty confident this nice man could no more complete a field sobriety test than I could change some people's minds that spend their days commenting on articles in the LJW....

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Chalmers 2nd Jayhawk with NCAA, NBA titles

Considering we had players on three of the final four teams in the NBA playoffs, it was a pretty good chance we'd have another ring on a Jayhawk this year.

Glad Mario got it... Had the Thunder won, this same article would be featuring Cole Aldrich.

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Regents to consider tuition, admissions, expansions

I think maybe I answered my own question.... 2.5 GPA for pre-college core classes (Math, Science, English) and 3.0/3.25 over all GPA?

Ok, that's better.

This conversation with myself has been wholly satsifying.

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Regents to consider tuition, admissions, expansions

"Under the proposed standards, to be automatically admitted to KU, graduating high school students would have to complete the pre-college curriculum with a GPA of 2.5 or higher, along with one of the following:

• A minimum 3.0 GPA and an ACT score of at least 24 or SAT score of 1090 or

• A minimum 3.25 GPA and an ACT score of 21 or SAT score of 980."

So I'm a bit confused.... students would have to have a 2.5 GPA and.... either a 3.0 + ACT24 or 3.25 and ACT21

What's the point of the 2.5 GPA? Typo or something screwy?

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Police arrest two Illinois parents after surrounding vehicle in parking lot of westside Walmart

"Just sayin'" has been voted the most passe` closure to commentary over the last decade.

Just sayin'.

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Police arrest two Illinois parents after surrounding vehicle in parking lot of westside Walmart

Point to ponder:

1. The man attempted to get into his vehicle when the police attempted to arrest him. The police didn't know whether or not the vehicle was operational at the time of the attempted arrest. What procedure, other than tazing, should they have employed at that moment in time to prevent the man from leaving the scene?

2. Had the man been able to leave the scene, with what appeared to be children in extreme distress, and not been apprehended, what could have been some of the possible outcomes? How many of these possible outcomes are positive, given the facts as we know them?

3. Could he have been attempting to take them to vacation bible school or the park?

If the police found my kids tied up and blinded folded in the back of a vehicle, I would hope they would use whatever force was necessary to keep the man attempting to get behind the wheel from fleeing the scene.

Praying and blessing aren't going effect any change in the matter.... fwiw. Now, action... action on the other hand, now there's a possibility that change could be effected with action. The lady that called 911, she acted. The police, they acted. I'm glad the lady didn't go home and pray the kids were going to be ok instead.

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