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A sweet shop closes in downtown Lawrence, and the owner says the reasons why leave a bad taste

Speaking as a "West Sider" and specifically to the TCBY franchise owner.... when I have Orange Leaf in my backyard I'm not driving downtown just for TCBY.

That said.... I support downtown as much as the next resident. I love our downtown, it's one of the reasons I haven't moved closer to my job a decade or more ago.... both my wife and I work in JOCO and choose to live in Lawrence, in part, due to downtown. Even though we know we are paying a premium to do so. We feel it's worth every penny.

I like downtown mainly for it's restaurants but also for shopping. While many online options can be cheaper for certain things, downtown is still fun to shop.

I don't think you should pin the failure of a chain yogurt store on a group of residents who have had a better option since before said store opened. Downtown business is a crap shoot at best when it comes to opening up shop..... we had that bubble tea shop on the east side of Mass on the North end.... I always thought to myself, "how much tea do you have to sell to make rent on this place"... no way that place was ever going to make it.

I don't know what the formula is for a long lasting business downtown is... If I did I'd open a shop, I do know that a corporate chain the size of a TCBY probably didn't stand a chance with the other offerings that downtown and the west side already had available. Though, put a McD's downtown and I bet that'd be a gold mine late at night.

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A sweet shop closes in downtown Lawrence, and the owner says the reasons why leave a bad taste

I can only speak for myself... as a 30 yr + resident, the cost of parking has never been a deterrent for me. If I plan to stay the entire afternoon downtown, I'll use a parking garage. If it's for dinner... well normally it's free to park by then. The parking meters have been downtown for decades... they do not coincide with any increase or decrease with business downtown.

Additionally, if parking were free.... there would never be any place to park at all, that's just a fact.

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Editorial: Grocery needs

Submit is not a "save" button.

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Lawrence City Commission to decide on Kasold Drive reconstruction design

Fred, stop with the idea that roundabouts are "European Fads". Jesus your bs gets old.

I've been driving in Europe on roundabouts for over a decade now... I did the same this morning. Guess what? They work. No one died!

Roundabouts don't work because of the idiots that haven't taken the time to figure them out. Hopefully they are teaching kids in drivers ed the proper way to negotiate the roundabout.

It seems at that all the old crusty ********* are to damn hard headed to bother.

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Lawrence Humane Society plans for construction of new animal shelter

David likes to make gross assumptions Kristine. It's what he does. He also like to ask himself questions he can't answer. He lives in the world of the supposition and the hypothetical with a dash of assumption and hyperbole for good measure.

Don't let him get under your skin.

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Lawrence Humane Society plans for construction of new animal shelter

I miss the days when David was running for all the open seats in Lawrence at the same time.

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Gunshot reported outside row of KU fraternity and sorority houses

Just for clarity... that area is not campus.

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The most beautiful place in Kansas is in Lawrence; new numbers show Kansas economy strongest in the region, creating questions for Brownback

Dorothy, the days of bunk houses full of farm hands was gone before either of us were born.

Please pick a more germane comment to make.

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Capital city begs to differ with Commissioner Matthew Herbert's Topeka bashing; Herbert apologizes

I came across this quote from a friend of a friend who lives in Topeka...

"The lesson to learn here is that if your city denies a budget for the arts and for making the city aesthetically pleasing, like Topeka (did), then people will hate living and investing there.

Eventually things will get so bad that privately and publicly funded fixes for the eye sores that have become large swaths of town will have to be created. When you consider the human capital and dollars lost in the intervening years, in addition to the costly fixes it seems like the people of Lawrence don't deserve to learn the lesson the people of Topeka ... have had to learn the hard way.

Way to go Councilman Herbert for trying to protect your city in the short and long term!"

- A Topeka Resident

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