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Editorial: Street strategy

There's already access to it. That is the stupidest thing I've seen today.

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Editorial: Street strategy

I use this section of Kasold at least twice daily, more on weekends. And, while I have no problem with round-a-bouts (that's an argument for a different time), I do have a problem with their logic on the single lane theory. Kasold is one of the three major north/south arteries in town that will tie in directly to the SLT, the other two being Iowa and Wakarusa.

I feel that any planning for Kasold should follow the same logic as with the other two. Moving to a two lane roadway is not smart. I can only see traffic increasing once access to the SLT on Kasold is improved in the near future. I don't see this as improving traffic flow or being more safe for pedestrians or cyclists. I don't claim to be an expert, but I do understand logic and what they're claiming doesn't seem to take into consideration all the variables.

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Plumbing work determined to be cause of Saturday duplex fire; damage estimated at $150,000

I always appreciate all the experts we have in the Lawrence community. It astounds me the number of people we have in the great community who are subject matter experts in all sorts of fields.

Arnie, please forward your investigation results to Eve Tolefree, Division Chief Emergency Medical Services Division, (785) 830-7009. I'm sure she would appreciate your uniquely qualified point of view.

That said, a simple solder shield might have prevented this, but we don't know all the facts with what was reported so I can't pass judgement on the DIYer.

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Man arrested on suspicion of attempted first-degree murder after stabbing at Super 8

Patel is the Indian name equivalent to Smith.

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Lawrence man arrested in Father's Day standoff will be charged Monday

You gotta respect the Mississippi Mudflap though....

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Talk of a new dog park and a $10 per year dog license requirement for Lawrence; Quonset hut debate in East Lawrence on hold; city manager search update

I do use the dog park at Clinton Lake on occasion. My dogs are trained to come when called and I think the acreage out there is outstanding as is the scenery. I will say one thing, however. Anyone who uses the excuse of the location of anything in a town the size of Lawrence as being "inconvenient" needs to get out of town a little more often.

Unless your only mode of transportation is your own two feet, there is nothing in this town (including Clinton Lake) that is in an inconvenient locale. Or if you think it is, maybe move to Baldwin or Overbrook.

The only thing that is inconvenient in this town is the location of some people's common sense.

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Appeals board questions Douglas County codes enforcement policy

I don't think the word "constructive" is the appropriate descriptor in most of the comments I see.

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Appeals board questions Douglas County codes enforcement policy

Thank god that Lawrence is big enough to have a paper with a website for comments or you people would have so much time on your hands you might do something constructive.

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