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Opinion: Truckers impose traffic order

Mike should do a little more research. Zipper merging is the most efficient and safe way for traffic to deal with lane closures. As Scott mentioned, Minnesota has been working on this for a while and it works. The amount of real estate vis a vis an open lane that is available prior to a lane closure that isn't being utilized due to one continuous long queue of cars is very inefficient.

The problem arises especially in congested city settings. One good example is the collection of off and on ramps between Lackman Rd. and K-7 on K-10. When traffic backs up in this short stretch it begins to effect the side streets that feed in to K-10 and I-435.

If drivers would use zipper merging here the congestion that feeds these motorways would be many degrees less. But instead, there is this queue up mentality that gets to the point to where drivers are forcing other drivers to stop or in some cases causing near collisions. I've seen this in person. Scott is correct that the behavior spelled out in this opinion piece, on the part of the truckers is extremely dangerous.

In Germany, on the Autobahn, the "zipper rule" is the law and it works.... additionally the autobahn is one of the safest roads in the world to travel. If it can work on this roadway, I'm sure that highways in the US would find it beneficial.

"Another example is the so-called "zipper rule" that applies when lanes merge: Like teeth in a zipper, cars from the two convergent lanes take turns filing neatly into a single stack. This orderly arrangement is vastly different from our more selfish and territorial method of blocking those drivers whose lane is ending to prevent them from coming into "our" space. As you can imagine, there are fewer back-ups as a result."

Zipper merging, folks. It's better and it's safer and more efficient.

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Going to the Farmers' Market? Keep your dog on a short leash

Rebecca, is there any evidence of pet defecating and urinating at the farmers market. Thus this article. I believe that there is universal understanding that food shouldn't be in the same vicinity as bathroom facilities... for any species.

If you think it's ok, that you should just wash your food, then that's your choice. I think the average reasonable person would believe otherwise.

I believe this statement accommodates everyone's concerns and is far more liberal than any other farmer's market that I've ever been to.

“While most other markets ban dogs, the Lawrence Farmers' Market's board has opted instead to adopt a policy that seeks to accommodate all community members, including those who support dogs at the market and those who do not,"

Basically this is a middle step towards banning pets. It's up to the pet owners at this point. Those that are responsible owners will only have the irresponsible ones to blame if this turns into an all out ban, similar to most every other farmer's market.

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Going to the Farmers' Market? Keep your dog on a short leash

Sandy, You don't have to catch a disease for the condition to be unsanitary. The fact that people can't catch diseases that effect dogs is irrelevant.

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Do you think dogs should be allowed at the Lawrence Farmers' Market?

If the children were urinating on flowers and vegetables, they'd probably get banned too.

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Going to the Farmers' Market? Keep your dog on a short leash

I have issues with any animal near the food I would feed my family. I love animals, I love my two dogs, but there are just some places where it isn't appropriate for them to be. Seems like common sense to me.

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Editorial: Jayhawk salute

Simply put, you don't know what you're talking about.

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Editorial: Street strategy

Richard, heads up.... this is one of the main north/south arteries in town. The only one that is longer is Iowa. This is not a street to put a bottleneck on.... for any reason.

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Editorial: Street strategy

There's already access to it. That is the stupidest thing I've seen today.

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