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Do you support the Occupy Lawrence protesters in South Park?

To all who are protesting due to lack of employment: if you are unemployed and are serious about finding a job, the state of Alabama needs workers to fill the jobs that have been abandoned by illegal migrant workers as a result of recent state legislature.

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The Occupy Lawrence Protest

looks like a good place to get together with similar minds and smoke some ganja and discuss why the ganja should be added to the list of entitlements supplied by the state

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Racism alive

america is one of the most progressive countries in the world as far as trying to overcome racism is concerned.

all you have to do is go to mexico and see how the "indios" are treated and openly discriminated against. then go to guatemala and see how the mayans are treated. there you will see true disparity.

if you go to angola and do not look "local" and take a stroll outside the boundaries of luanda, you will be lynched and if lucky, your remains might be recovered.

ladies, if you spend time in the UAE and are not an emiratee, you will learn quickly that you are fair game for rape and since you are not part of the local tribe, you will be deemed guilty for seducing your victim.

for all the female fetuses, your chances of survival in china are limited.

i can list hundreds of examples.

if you are a minority in america, you should feel lucky that you are in a country where there are programs to assist you if you really want to move up the ranks, and that the majority of the white majority have been opposed to slavery, inequality and absence of civil rights for all. a lot of people who were not minorities have fought and given their lives to ensure equality for all in america. without those people, we would still have severe inequalities in our blessed country.

my wife and my son are "minorities" in america and i wouldnt want them to be anywhere else but here in america where they have more opportunities and can fulfill their dreams if they truly put forth the effort

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Racism alive

oye chica tienes muchos complejos

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Racism alive

well said

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Obama policy speech devastating for Israel

thats sad really, i'll bet if you asked his great grandfather that question a hundred years ago he would tell you that he had several good jewish friends that he admired. jews and muslims are very capable of getting along, but when others get involved they are easily divided and conquered.

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Obama policy speech devastating for Israel

you may have missed the point i was trying to make. the truth is that israel is the one who is going to be in danger as soon as she loses her supporters. the arab countries feel really threatened by israel (just as israel feels threatened by them). in order for israel to secure her future, she needs to think of a strategy that does not involve relying upon western countries protecting her. her best option is getting on genuine better terms with her neighbors. as i said above, there's no magic bullet and it's not going to be simple nor easy, but the current strategy and attitude does not secure israel's future. the up and coming generation of arabs want peace and democracy and to have good lives, we saw this desire manifest itself over the past few months. the time is right for israel to try and mend the fence with this new generation of arab neighbors. it will take time, but it is the best long term strategy going forward.

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Obama policy speech devastating for Israel

Generally over the past 1500 years Jews and Muslims have actually gotten along quite well. Of course there are a few instances where they hated each others’ guts, but for the most part, they have been able to live in peace with one another. There are many more cases of jews and muslims fighting side by side as opposed to against each other over the past few centuries (ie. the crusades, Spanish inquisition, etc.) The most recent problems have been caused by Western interference. Prior the second world war, in what is now Israel and Palestine, there were a lot of arab jews and muslims living close to one another and getting along quite well. it’s unfortunate really that the current politics and special interests have caused two groups of people who share so many similarities are being pitted against one another the way they are today.

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