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Spreading the word: Teaching English abroad gives KU grads trip of a lifetime

Who would want to teach English to a broad?

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Police identify driver, investigating whether alcohol was a factor in crash into Sixth Street porch

"Lawrence police Friday were investigating whether alcohol played a factor in the Thursday evening crash in which a man drove his truck into a porch on Sixth Street."

Alcohol a factor in a Larryville crash ....., the correlation is about the equivalent to "turning the key started the engine."

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Which is your favorite of these two downtown events, Lawrence Busker Fest or Lawrence Zombie Walk?

The "Lawrence Zombie Walk" takes place on any given Friday or Saturday night all around mass Street. It is a whole town of drunks trying to find their cars.

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Prayer is Britain’s only option

Isn't it amazing that so many people pray only as a last resort? What would happen if people prayed consistently - before things went bad. As I look at all the selfishness, self-centeredness, and excess that marks not only British and European culture, but ours as well, it is no wonder that things are going to heck in a hand basket. When morals are defined as whatever one feels like doing, it is no wonder that there is so much confusion, distrust, and chaos.

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Summertime Haiku: include the word 'hot'

Meadowlark stirs; dawn break
Sunshine oppresses, panting
to darkness retreats.

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Lawrence's latest economic development initiative: Attract older folks to settle here

"more attactive"

Nothing like a city lot covered in unmown grass and noxious weeds to enhance attractiveness. Not a very bright bulb here...

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Oklahoma picked No. 1 in Big 12 preseason football poll; KU last

Could this be "Porky's Revenge"?

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What was the last piece of jewelry you purchased?

I think the last piece of jewelry I bought was a Colt 1911 Government model. It is the perfect accessory.

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Lawrence's latest economic development initiative: Attract older folks to settle here

The primary reason Larryville is looking again to the "Golden Agers" is the money they provide for the money-hungry Larrycrats via the fines they have to pay for not being able to shovel snow off of their precious sidewalks before the snow police spring into action.

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What is Kansas' nastiest summer bug?


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