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City seeking volunteers for snow shoveling program

Really, where I come from this is called "being a neighbor."

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Do you think the city of Lawrence needs a policy about drones?

Really...Is this the biggest thing the city has to worry about?

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Local accident victims advocate against texting while driving

In a similar situation I was told by the responding officer that without drivers permission or some type or court order they couldn't view any driver's cell phone data. They did however obtain all driver's cellular phone numbers for the report. Several lawsuits were filed against the offending driver and during the discovery process it was determined that he was indeed texting up to the time of the accident he caused.

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Survey to count bicycles, pedestrians


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A or A-minus? KU students want a straight answer

I thought that assigning letter grades was considered taboo. Just give them all a bag of orange slices, a juice box and a participation trophy.

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Off the Beaten Plate: Cream Cheese Doughnuts at Munchers Bakery

Indeed. I've driven back to Denver many a time with a dozen of these riding shotgun.

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Opinion: Drone policy must be debated

Please see my above post.

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Opinion: Drone policy must be debated

So two wrongs make it right?

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