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What would you like to see at a new recreation center?

Free Fee Fridays.

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People board up Cherry Hill Apartments, 17th and Tennessee streets, Thursday morning after a car cra

They just finished building that house recently like last year. ...dunno what was there before.

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Men who live in structures attached to vehicles relish freedom, not paying rent

Society is obviously harsh to those who'd rather live a little differently.

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Other than your basement, do you know the location of the nearest storm shelter in your neighborhood?

I thought this link was about giving that info up!

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KU running back James Sims arrested for operating under the influence

Doesn't matter anyway, he's a football player and there are special rules for football players.

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April 8th Early Morning Law Enforcement & Fire/Medical wrap up

Also, there have been reports of gunshots being fired in the early morning hours for the past two nights.

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March 18th Early Morning Law Enforcement & Fire/Medical wrap up

So you get pulled over for going 80 mph on k-10 but they let it slide if you're cruising at 100mph??!?!

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Jet sparks curiosity

Our ewe sirius?!

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Jet sparks curiosity

Actually attorney1776 said " Both of these regulations seem to have been violated." Key word "seem", and it did seem (in italics for slight emphasis) to violate some aviation rule in regards to heights and towns and jets. Attorney1776's statement did not express that the aircraft did in fact break an aviation rule.
JackMcKee, you are right that there is no evidence, at this point, that a floor (technical term ;P) was violated. :D

Judge Judy

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Jet sparks curiosity

I sincerely hope someone is looking into why this happened. It's not cool when a military aircraft flies too low directly over a town for unknown reasons...this isn't a war zone!

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