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Professionals tout benefits of AA program at meeting

Yup, crazy as it sounds. Some fortunate addicts/alcoholics soak the program up "through their ass" just by forced attendance ( butt in chair for one hour) , but most souls require the self realization they are at a "bottom". Sometimes that "bottom" ( losing things perceived as valuable:, job, family, freedom, whatever) is the only self realization that gets offenders attention. One really important thing to remember, and the reason the panel the article discussed is so important: professionals/loved ones try to apply logic and rational reactions to addict/alcoholic behavior. There is nothing logical and rational and normal about addictive behavior. Good, experienced judges and professionals and all AA/NA members know this.
It takes awhile for the families and friends to catch up.

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Town Talk: Dog treat bakery and art boutique coming to downtown; housing development seeking to cut back on sidewalk requirement; land transfers for the week

The Sears maint supervisor opening is at the Kmart distribution center, in north Lawrence.

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