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Thomas, Appleton leaving Kansas

A lot of people on here don't understand the concept of team. It is these very players that are responsible for making 'your starters' better in practice everyday. They don't deserve to be insulted for making a decision, especially when the writing was on the wall. A simple thank-you will do. If I was a recruit and I thought this message board was indicitive of the average KU fan, I would go to UNC.

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Lawrence police seek two men in connection with Oread Neighborhood robbery

Arsenio Hall or Wesley Snipes?!?

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New Dunkin' Donuts planned for 6th Street

Vista was darn good. A Vista Burger and a shake. Mmmm Mmmmmm good.

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Do you think Lawrence has a panhandling problem?

I remember when the closest thing to panhandlers were the local drunks that just seem to eat out of the trash and cuss passerbys. In paticular, two brothers that had big reddish brown hair that rode bikes all of the time... Now Lawrence is starting to look like a talentless Boulder, Co.

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Businesses urge city to get tough on downtown panhandlers

A snow plow would clear that walk...

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Neighbors file lawsuit over plans to build athletics fields

hawk - you have my vote...

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Get Down Town festival kicks off

Sounds like a blast, at your house near the hospital. All that music and bitching sounds like lots of fun, mwwkw.

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Darnell Jackson's letter to KU fans

You are a class act. Good luck and the Cavaliers are the lucky ones...

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What's your favorite locally-grown fruit or vegetable?

Hemp leaves...

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Palin's rise to VP candidate caps meteoric rise

The wealth of foreign policy knowledge we have in the White House now has done us a ton of good. It couldn't be worse. Give the 'hockey mom' a shot if McCain dies trying...

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