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Had enough?

I was hoping for that a while ago, but Obama clearly decided it was a great idea to speed it up a few months back.

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Man hit while crossing Massachusetts Street

Except it does...Kansas law explicitly states that if the pedestrian is in a crosswalk, he/she has right of way; if a pedestrian crosses outside a crosswalk, the driver has right of way. In this case, the pedestrian was at fault by Kansas law.

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Police cite driver in connection with overnight Taco Bell crash

Must agree with independant. Much like the train attacks the car on the tracks, the stationary building does indeed pull the SUVs into its web of cinder block and lumber.

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State Sen. Tom Holland, who represents part of Lawrence, to announce candidacy for governor

I like how his website makes you put in your info before accessing it...can I at least see what he stands for before I give him my contact info?!?!

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KU alerts students to armed robbery near student recreation center

Gadhelyn - because with hybrid busses, the city can say "hey, look at us, we're leading the pack in green technology!" They can't do that with street lights...those just take common sense and could serve some purpose.

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The Oread hotel falls victim to vandals

Skyscraper, huh? Well, it may technically fit the definition, but...come on, it's not that big.

Ah I love these hippies...why do they feel it's ok to deface other peoples property in the name of "peace"?

I'm glad I am apparently not the only person here who thinks that.

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How do you think Danica Patrick will do in her NASCAR debut?

I know there is this whole "girl power" thing...but shouldn't women back a woman who can actually win rather than fail expectations time after time? Doesn't do much for girl power...

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What's your favorite thing about the Super Bowl, the game, the commercials or the half-time show?

lwctown - you say you don't watch pro sports...does that mean that your life you have keeps you from watching college sports too? They're really no different in the end, so if you watch KU/college athletics but not pro athletics...

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Winter storm warning canceled; snow still likely

This storm has been all over the place. LJ World says one thing, Weather Channel another, KC Star says 2", another says 8". I have not seen this many different predictions for the same storm in a loooong time. So, we are assured of one thing on will snow 1", or 100"

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Should residents be charged a trash collection rate based upon how much they throw away?

I like Sara..."No, because some people have a lot more trash than others". Yeah, that's kinda the point...sounds like you have a lot of trash but want others to pay for its removal?

Where I grew up near Los Angeles, our town had a system where you had to rent a trash bin from the city...there are 4 or 5 different sizes, and depending on that, you would be charged a different amount (obviously the bigger, the more). The garbage crews would not pick up trash from non-sanctioned bins/bags unless it had a trash sticker attached, which you also had to purchase from the city (either at city hall, convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores). Perfect system that is still in effect today. A suburb of Chicago where some of my family lives has the exact same system and it works great there too.

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