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10th Circuit Court of Appeals upholds state's approved route of South Lawrence Trafficway through the Baker Wetlands

This is great news for Lawrence. This is long past due and it is time to get this project moving. It should have been done a long time ago. Give the job to First Management or the Fritzel family and let them get tax breaks for doing the job.

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Lawrence city commission candidate Bob Schumm hoping for another stint more than 30 years after first term

This man is a joke. We used to sell him product and he never paid his bills. He has no business trying to run for city commission.

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Federal government asks judge to order 3 defendants to turn over money gained in KU ticket scam

Lew should have to forfeit his payment from KU since this happened on his watch. He is the one that was in charge and is to blame for hiring all these people. If a basketball or football coach does a lousy job, they are fired. I am so glad to see this new AD come in here. Notice, he hasn't tried to make a splash and make it all about him like Lew did. Lew knew everything that was going on and hopefully will get his in the end.

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Emergency crews work the scene of an injury accident on Sixth and Lawrence streets on Wednesday, Feb

I think you mean February 9, 2011. January 9, 2011 was a Sunday. Just trying to help out the LJW.

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Wind chill advisory expires for Douglas County

I just want to meet the hot chick jumping over the snow pile in the photograph. Wow, is she smokin hot looking.

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Thomas Robinson thanks KU fans, well-wishers; Jayhawks focused on K-State

Your work ethic and class is something I respect immensely. I personally am very sorry for your loss and wish you and your sister the very best. I know there are times when you will wonder why did this happen to me. Keep the faith in your God, your teamates, your coaches, and your friends. Great things happen to great people and you are certainly one of those people. I hope to say hello to you someday, not because I'm a basketball fan, but because I admire the way you have handled your tragic situation. God Bless!!

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Tom Blubaugh pleads guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud in KU ticket scandal case

Who are all of these people going to testify against as part of their plea agreement? Surely, Mr. Kirtland isn't that big of a fish in the university pond, is he? I wonder if there are others that knew about this, especially the ones who supposedly received duffle bags of cash several times.

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Funeral held for KU basketball player Thomas Robinson's mother

I can't imagine being that young and not having any parents to turn to. God Bless the Robinson family and best of luck to both of them.

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Former KU AD Lew Perkins fined $4,000 over exercise equipment allegation

Lungstrom is not a fair and honest man. If he was he would not have sat next to Perkins at the basketball games. Every lawyer in this area thinks it was unethical for him to sit there. If he was a fair man, he would have claimed the benefit on his income taxes. People sitting right behind him were paying over $50,000.00 per year to KU for the right to have those seats. Therefore, Lungstrom should have claimed an additional $50,000.00 of income for taking that seat. He probably had some of his friends getting free tickets from Rodney Jones as well. What a joke this $4,000.00 fine is.

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