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Opinion: Early election polls predict little

What are they saying over at Forbes? "...Few democrats believe this self-avowed socialist could actually beat Donald Trump in the general election. As displayed in Sander’s New York Daily News editorial board interview conducted on the eve of the New York primary, the man is remarkably ignorant, despite all his years in the House and Senate. Donald Trump would make mincemeat of him..."

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Opinion: Early election polls predict little

The Democrats are still divided between two unelectable candidates. Get the popcorn.

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Kansas Supreme Court rejects lawmakers' school finance changes, threatens in new ruling to close schools

"...say the same thing over and over and over and over..." Pot, meet kettle.

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City once again ready to broach topic of a new police headquarters

Will we get a better class of criminals if the PD gets a new building?

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What have you been reading recently?

"Old Gimlet Eye", a biography of General Smedley Butler written by Lowell Thomas.

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If you could own any car — real or fictional — what would it be?

Or a 1952 2-door Plymouth Cranbrook, the model of car I learned to drive in.

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If you were a busker, what would your act be?

Possum juggling.

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Lawrence crafting security plan to comply with state concealed carry law

The leader of the run-on-sentence-of-the-day race has been identified.

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