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Officer kills armed 18-year-old near Ferguson

"...These stories about the killings of African-American men by police officers (or by a “neighborhood watch captain,” in Trayvon Martin’s case) are all what my long-time radio and podcast partner Brian Ward calls “stories of choice.” They are plucked from a nearly endless supply of sad events that occur daily in a nation of 315 million, and are promoted because they further a political narrative. An unholy alliance of activists and newspaper reporters and editors tries to distort our perception of reality by giving undue emphasis to them. Then, of course, reality begins to catch up with perception, and we have riots, murders of police officers, and so on. But understand that the decision to promote these stories, in preference to others that are equally or more newsworthy, is a choice that is consciously made by people with a political agenda."

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Opinion: Jeb Bush’s exploration spurs reaction

No more dynastic politics. No Clintons, no Bushes.

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Officer kills armed 18-year-old near Ferguson

Photos of the media circuses that spring up around these incidents support Bill's statement. Too bad your narrative doesn't fit the facts, Taran.

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Democrats best at tapping rich for political cash

Rich people think they are buying lifestyle insurance when they give to Democrats.

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Letter: Ludicrous demands

Inverse NIMBYs.

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Opinion: States try to constrain federal power

Richard Heckler has lost his mind .... what a shame. He has become a spokesperson for the Pavlov's dogs who go into a frenzy anytime they read the word "ALEC".

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Judge sets February trial date in odd Kansas ID theft case

Living the dream, he was.

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US, Cuba patch torn relations in historic accord

The sanctions helped keep Fidel's brand of revolution at home instead of spreading it all across Central and South America.

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US, Cuba patch torn relations in historic accord

"Well, people-to-people exchanges arising out of Americans visiting the island by the millions and massive US-Cuba trade will ultimately result in prosperity, freedom and democracy for Cuba...." You're so cute when you're naive like that.

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