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Put down those disposables: Parents embrace old diaper ways

Been here....done this....people that rail against it have never tried it most likely.

Cloth is healthier (never had diaper rash etc.) IS cheaper in the long run...and not that much extra laundry or work actually. Get a diaper pail and dump the "bulk" in the toilet. When you get a load....wash it. Happy and healthy kid...Ta da!

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Lawrence Public Library selected for "Super Wi-Fi" pilot about this.....the KU Libraries ARE in the middle of the city according to your map. Go get a Kansas resident borrower card....solved. Been there done that.

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World-renowned performers wow downtown Lawrence

The spots on the streets right next to the parking lot entrances/exits should be compact cars only. You cannot see what's coming on the right and HAVE TO go almost all the way out. Either that or just make street parking in those areas compact only.

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Lawrence educator hikes Appalachian Trail to inspire students

You're an awesome dude.
This is at least a local story definitely worth reading about. Especially if it inspires even one student.

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Late-night convenience store delivery service begins operations in student neighborhoods

OMG to many fun runs and cycle events to choose from....what's next the silly walk-a-thon...

“And is that…is that a charity 5k fun run? Guess I’m going to have to pick and choose this week!” -

ljworld....our online BB...

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New development slated for Bob Billings and SLT may land a grocery store

OK replace the comment of "bad" with "bad situation".....Gedanken's comment is still spot on. By your view, I guess there are parts of Detroit with "affordable housing" now...

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July 4 bursting with opportunities for viewing pyrotechnic displays

Dumbest and saddest comment I've ever read...
Measuring your "freedom" through the use of pyrotechnics. You sure haven't traveled much abroad have you? There are many places where the use of pyrotechnics is the least concern on the minds of the populace.

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Digging into KU faculty salaries

You can live very well in Lawrence on $60k-80k or more.....
I guarantee you will not be able to live the same standard with same discretionary income in Boulder. In fact, unless you are the $100k-200k ones in will be living in one of the Boulder suburb cities and commuting...Broomfield, Longmont etc. etc.

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Library expansion bids come in below budget, allowing for coffee shop concept to be added back to project

But serving alcohol would.....ask any college student about them goggles....

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Governor's bill on third-grade reading standards raises eyebrows

I have the best about parents read to their children as they grow up and actually instill the desire in them to want to learn to read.....end of story.

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