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Fired officer suing city

Who knows how well we can interpret facts from a news article, but: The Chief sounds like a weasel who is covering his own back side, being sure to select a fall guy. Monroe did his job, reported what he knew, Khatib did nothing until he realized his failure to act may be discovered. Great leadership, Chief. Bet your department really feels supported by you.

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Clearer picture emerges of proposed recreation center

Kind of agree with rockchalker52 ... isn't it possible our area ends up with a great new rec facility with a lot of options, and that track meet and tournament events cycle serious money into the local economy. Just sayin -- it is possible.

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Town Talk: City considering switch from gas to electric carts at Eagle Bend; roll-your-own cigarette machines take federal hit; Kansas ranks 49th in income growth

Kansas personal income: Obviously President Obama is to blame, and Governor Brownback is our saviour.

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Sound Off: It appears two people are living in trailers parked on Massachusetts Street in front of S

things were going pretty well ... then all the good people came along

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Jayhawk fans storm downtown to bask in afterglow of Final Four victory

I thought law enforcement really did a great job. They were friendly, subdued and part of the celebration rather than treating this like something other than a celebration (like Lexington). Folks were mostly doing a good job staying safe and not being stupid, but police and deputies from region were obviously doing a lot of things right.

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Downtown victory party Saturday night goes largely according to plan

Law enforcement should be congratulated on the great job they did with people Saturday night/Sunday morning. They were out in numbers, but their approach was friendly, low-key and helpful. Fans did a good job staying safe and not being destructive, but a lot of police officers and sheriff deputies had much to do with the successful celebration. It's great to see how our fans, law enforcement, and coach distinguish themselves from what's going on in Lexington.

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Top 10 buzzworthy moments of the 2011 Kansas legislative session

Kansas is going to be a long time recovering from where we are apparently heading. Kansas, as ______ as you think.

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