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I-70 rollover wreck sends 2 to hospital

WOW. All of a sudden everyone has 3x the amount of balls when they can hide behind a computer. And what is worse? You think you look all big and bad when you PERSONALLY berate others, like it will justify and make your point stronger.

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I-70 rollover wreck sends 2 to hospital

I know this man. he was my elementary school art teacher and also a local artist in town. If you knew him as well as i did you would not be so quick to judge him and jump to conclusions about what COULD have (but didn't) happen.

but go ahead and show your ignorance. after all it is bliss, isn't it?

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Texan works to impeach president

I hope he doesn't take the threat seriously. He is excersising his right to free speech and everyone elses right. I hope he stays, I know I would.

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Smokers welcome - and legal - at shop

So, you all are complaining that this is an unsafe work environment, this business was opened by a family and the people that work there are family and they are all over the age of 18 and they CHOSE to work there. So your argument about it being unsafe to the workers really doens't work there. This is a Hookah bar and hookah's are a tabacco smoking accessory so it makes sense. You can't bring your kids in there, or anyone under the age of 18 for that matter, so screw your argument over the fact that your kids life is in danger. This is a haven for ADULTS that smoke tobacco, and if you don't like it THEN DON'T GO BECAUSE YOU REALLY HAVE NO REASON TO.

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Still smokin' in Lawrence

These people are really confused. at slowride you smoke on the patio. these people were on the patio. I was at slowride that day and no one was smoking in the building. these people need to really look into things before they start running their mouth.

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Women shrug off the tattoo taboo

Fascinating person- thank you so much. I appreciate you seeing where i was going with that, and i respect your opinion.

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Women shrug off the tattoo taboo

Tatoo's don't make people look cheap, and they aren't for the ones with low self esteem. That is like saying everybody who puts on make-up, tans, buys only certain looks and types of clothes, exercises, loses weight, has low self esteem. That would mean everyone in lawrence is severly in need of help. Most of you have to many double standards.

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Cervical cancer vaccine offered at KU

this is good. This is very good.

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Pharmacists say demand likely to climb

I agree that girls are not a promiscuous as people "fear". Its not like once they hit a certain age they're spreading their legs so fast their pelvises break. which it sounds like alot of you beleive that. get a reality check.

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Pharmacists say demand likely to climb

i like the way you think reality_check.

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