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Water releases to increase from Perry, Milford and Tuttle Creek lakes

True Kansas doesn't have any kettle lakes but what about oxbox lakes, like the one by Midland junction?

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How do you like your peanut butter sandwiches?

Cinnamon-raisin bagel with crunch peanut butter and cream cheese.

If you need something that will stick with you all day (working outdoors in cold weather), this is it. Don't knock it 'til you try it.

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Songs or Lyrics That Mention Any Form of Water

Well, some didn't make the cut because of the beat (didn't really want a slow song... I'm a high energy kind of guy) and some the title wasn't quite right (has to have an obvious title). However, there are a few songs I didn't know existed and will add during my next update (in a few weeks).

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Songs or Lyrics That Mention Any Form of Water

scroll down to about the half-way point

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BBQ 'joint' to replace icon

I agree with the anti-Olive Garden statements. Even though I don't live in L-town any more, I visit it when seeing the fam and I would love to see a good Italian joint there. Thankfully, there is one near me in the Champaign, IL, area (Filippos Pizza & Italian Food). It is a real Italian restaurant ran for the past 30 years by two generations of a hard-working Italian family. A lot of the items are homemade or imported from Italy, and it competes with authentic big-city Italian.

I agree with Toto's statement about Biaggi's... if you bring in a chain, then Biaggi's wouldn't be bad. Lambert's isn't bad either but I don't think it fits well in Lawrence (think smaller big town, like Ottawa, Emporia, or the Manhatten).

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Another shot for Sixth, SLT project

What about the old Tanger Mall? There is plenty of empty space out there. Will this new shopping district look like Tanger in a decade, or will it look like Olathe?

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Runner reports seeing mountain lion along river levee

Neverwrong - prove it. When did you see this?

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Runner reports seeing mountain lion along river levee

MacHeath - Are you kidding? A drunken game warden? Come on! There have been mountain lions discovered in Kansas in the past decade, but these all were released by the average Joe once he found out it was illegal to possess lions without the proper permits. I am sure there are more releasee lions out there. Most of these lions were killed by cars and determined by vets and/or KDWP to have been pets. Now KDWP might be a little messed up in some of their practices, but they are not releasing loins... nor rattle snakes in ballon... nor are the tukeys eating quail. Wild lions could be returning to KS, and if so, would use the river system as their navigation (hence the sighting on the levee). In IL, wildlife officials have found three wild lions dead in the last three years... all along river routs... at least one was from the WY area... so it is possible that they are moving into the area, but they are not being released.

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