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New towing policy has addressed overcharging concerns, county official says

AAA people. It's worth the peace of mind. $150 is very reasonable for a tow. Anything less wouldn't even allow the companies to stay in business. Get AAA and never worry about it again.

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What would you do if you won the $550 million Powerball jackpot?

There are definitely some people that I would like to buy and set on fire. Wait, can I do that? Ahhh, with that much money, you can just about do anything you want.

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KU center promoting one-person, gender-neutral restrooms this week

Do you have a urinal in your house? I know I don't. I have no problem not having access to a urinal.

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Congress looks at doing away with the $1 bill

Wait! Will the strippers have to carry those little coin machines like the kid at Sonic?

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Congress looks at doing away with the $1 bill

I love the dollar coins. If you get about 30 of them together it looks like you stole Blackbeard's treasure! Arrrrg, me matey!

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Letter: Price point

...and yet this took place under a Democraticly held White House and Senate. I'm quite certain that once you realized all of this, you immediately returned the pants and told the store that you would not be shopping there anymore, right? Right? I'm assuming you didn't just immediately run home in your foreign made car to your house built by a crew of illegals and sit down on your Chinese made chair to fire up your Taiwan made computer to complain on the LJ World forums? RIght? Or did you just stick your new, cute pants in the closet and ponder when you'd be able to wear them on a night out with the girls.

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Do you think KU faculty members should be subject to post-tenure review?

EVERYONE should be subject to a performance review with loss of your job as a possible outcome for the most serious cases. Only by this method can we insure that the best people are in the correct position.

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Undecided - Which Presidential Candidate?

If you are still undecided at this point, please do us all a favor and don't vote. It is clearly outside of your intellectual capacity. Just stay home and consume large quantities of beer and cheetos.

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Retired KU history professor mystified after federal government opens his mail — again

...and continued under Barry O. Funny how you left that part out.

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Opinion: Voter racism is hard to prove

Bull. I'm staunchly conservative and NONE of my conservative friends would utter this word. They are conservative in their ideals and how they think the country should be run. Nice try, though, to paint conservatives with a broad brush, but the you and I both know you are full of it.

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