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Statehouse Live: Brownback health policies questioned before committee

I agree. Moderate Republicans and Kansas Democrats have very much in common, like, uh, reasonableness. I think Praeger would be a good gov, too.

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'It's heartbreaking': Families adjust to homeless life together at shelter

naturenut, I'm with you. I'm ashamed of Lawrence, too.

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'It's heartbreaking': Families adjust to homeless life together at shelter

The only thing more heartbreaking than reading the story is thinking about the miserable lives lead by the posters here. No compassion for anyone outside of themselves, no care for anyone outside of their circle. Pathetic losers. Not the homeless, the commenters.

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SRS says workers now can transfer to Topeka; Douglas County commissioners petition governor over office closure

Brownback has no compassion for vulnerable people, or for people who don't vote for him. After people are born, he has no use for them.

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Recall effort?

You are right, Merrill. The Koch boys really know how to get what they want by pulling strings all over the country -- not just Kansas.

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Ongoing issues

I don't understand why people in Lawrence think that Lawrence has a unique problem -- MANY other cities have dealt with homelessness, and many have created successful programs for working with their homeless population. Why should Lawrence think it has to reinvent the wheel? Just 20 minutes to the west, in Topeka, the coalition of service providers working to help families experiencing homelessness was heralded by a regional HUD administrator as the most impressive collaboration she had ever seen. One part of the continuum, the Topeka Moving Ahead Program, is a 13 week job and life skills program that has helped hundreds of homeless persons obtain jobs, housing and other needed services. Lawrence has many models to emulate, not just Topeka; there are hundreds! Let's do it! We can help families experiencing homelessness and ourselves by not being narrow minded.

May 25, 2011 at 1:40 p.m. ( | suggest removal ) staff members eat 'ghost chilis' — one of the hottest peppers on the planet

You poor guys! You are right, people are not supposed to swallow something that hot!!! I'd like to know if you lived through this or not.

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Douglas County judge expedites Lawrence homeless shelter lawsuit

You posters ("Danimal, skinny, blue73harley, Number_1_Grandma, greenworld, cheeseburger, Healthcaremoocher, The Whirl," ad nauseum...) make me ashamed to live in Lawrence.

I hope you all rally around when one of you happens to lose a job.....or run out of money and get booted from your house...... or loses a spouse and end up in a downward spiral.......

And I hope I don't ever know any of you, who you really are behind your nasty comments. Because if I knew who you were, I might wanna spit on you.

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Campaign Notebook: Kobach working on "birthright citizenship" issue

I guess you didn't know that Finney was pro-life, even though she was a Democrat. Because of that, I voted for Mike Hayden.

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Lavender Ceremony to honor gay, bisexual graduates at KU

Most of the posters here are begrudging a group of people the right to celebrate their achievement of getting through school. Why should you care if there's another celebration? I don't think people get honored enough for their hard work.

Keep your nose out of the next guy's business. He may be different from you, but he's not less worthy of respect.

And please retire the stupid gay jokes, "eve and steve," whatever. That's as tired as they come.

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