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Freshman Jayhawk basketball player gets court date after BB gun incident

An airsoft gun? This lady suffered "minor injuries" from an airsoft gun? That's not a BB gun. BB guns use compressed air. Thats a TOY. It uses a little electric motor to push back on a spring. It's a spring-loaded toy gun that shoots 7mm plastic balls. Wearing a sweater at 20 feet, you probably wouldn't even -feel- it, let alone suffer "minor injuries". I'm not exaggerating; airsoft rifles are extremely weak, and in no way compare to a BB gun, and comparing it to an actual firearm is like comparing a toddlers tricycle to a 65-ton army tank. I'd sooner believe somebody suffered "minor injuries" from Nerf guns. I have no care for if this person is on a basketball team, in KU, out of KU, whatever...but seriously, the capability to inflict -ANY- harm what-so-ever is greatly questioned when it was supposedly inflicted with an airsoft rifle...

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