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Lawrence man charged with attempting to burglarize two Lawrence homes early today

He has obviously not learned his lesson. He needs to spend some time in prison. Period.

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Davis seen as possible Democratic opponent to Gov. Brownback

Why did the dems wait so long to pick an opponent to brownback? Not smart at all. Should have started this as soon as sam was elected.

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Letter: Enough Brownback

I am definitely not a brownback fan. Never have been, never will be. But the letter writer's comment ..."This man has taken control of the executive, the legislative and the judicial. What has happened to the idea of balance of powers?..." sounds like Obama to me. I guess a politician is a politician. cheats and liars...

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KU requests money for Wichita medical school

Gatekeeper, I worked at KU for 32 years and know better than most how money is thrown around. I know most KU employees, not just in C.O. are forgotten when it comes to working conditions and perks, but admin is expanding more and more and they are very well taken care of. very well.

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KU requests money for Wichita medical school

Perhaps KU could spend the money the state already gives them more wisely??? no's KU...They have a need to blow lots of money on "tree-lining" Jayhawk boulevard and covering all remaining green space with new buildings...

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Kansas concealed carry permits set record in 2012

Simple solution for you. Since you're afraid of guns, don't get one.

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Brownback appoints three to Kansas Board of Regents; vows to fight for restored funding to higher ed

..."Brownback cannot be trusted simple as that. As of this moment he is on the campaign trail.

Political rhetoric is on the radar. That's all he knows...."

Same can be said for pretty much all politicians. Obama too.

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Concealed-carry permit applications continue to decline after breaking state records

Does it make you feel better to belittle those whose opinions differ from yours?

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Letter: Gun fears unfounded

Some on here who routinely preach tolerance, but what they really mean is ..."as long as you agree with MY point of view". That's the only time they seem to be tolerant. Making fun of and mocking those who agree with Concealed Carry is not productive. Disagree with it if you wish. But enough of the name calling and junior high school behavior. Please.

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