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Store wins final OK

Wally World Wears Whoopie Cushions.

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Store wins final OK

Walmart didn't just run in and find a plot of land and decide to put a store there. They did market research and studies and determined that Lawrence, and East Topeka will support another Walmart. A third Walmart just went up in North Topeka. They have Topeka triangulated.

As has been said here several times, if you do not like Walmart, then do not shop there. I do not like Walmart so I do not trade there.

But this battle isn't over yet. Walmart has made it over one hurdle, but is far from the finish line.

Other cities have successfully kept Walmart out. Lawrence has always been so eager and willing to mimic what other cites do. San Fransisco kept Walmart out. But unlike the smoking ban, this time Lawrence is following Topeka.

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Store wins final OK

Maybe T ridership will increase as dirty hippies from the east side start riding it to support the new Walmart on the rich west side of town?

Wouldn't that make both sides happy?

Walmart is also a pretty big employer of illegal aliens..

Maybe they will let Naughty But Nice open a new location inside their store?

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Christian right agenda requires no critical thinking

Christians never killed 6 millions jews. Hitler and his nazi pogrom only put a bucket of sand on the beach of the millions and millions of people killed in the name of jesus and christianity.

"Don't pray in our schools, and we won't think in your churches"

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Christian right agenda requires no critical thinking

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americorps (Anonymous) says:

Bitterfalls (Anonymous) says:

Does every Gay person practice homosexuality?

I no longer need to practice. I can now do it perfectly.

It takes courage, honesty, integrity and good fashion sense to come out of the closet and be an openly Gay person.

Those are characteristics that Ted Haggard, Sen. Larry Craig and many conservatives do not possess.

That also speaks volumes about the people that continually support such 'wide-stance' politicians based on their "Moral values".

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Christian right agenda requires no critical thinking

Does every Gay person practice homosexuality? At what point is practice over and it is time to go professional?

Practice makes perfect.

And does going pro mean just being "party buddies" with Ted Haggard?

It is very telling that so many of the most activist Christian moral right politicians end up in Gay sex scandals. One study after another has shown that the more homophobic, or at least anti-Gay someone is, the more likely they are to also be deeply closeted homosexuals.

That being the case, then what does that mean for the avid supporters and defenders of the religious right? And why does the Gay populace not embrace these lonely hurting souls?

How does Ann Coulter propose to cure Jews?

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Why Obama Will Never Win

I want Dubya re-elected. We need a good revolutionary revolt in order to throw the entire government out and start over. Just one more year of Dubya should provide the critical mass we need.

Lincoln was a Whig

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Warrant sparks free speech concerns

It was more likely the cops trying to trace where the student got the drugs. If indeed that is actually what he died of.

However, one does have the right to stand on the corner on a soap box and preach their ideas. Granted that one gives up their privacy and anonymity when they do so, but they should never be punished for saying what they have to say. They give up their privacy because they are in a public place. But in cyberspace when they know that the only reason that someone would care or search for their identity is because that other wishes to harm them or punish them for stating their bit. And that is how and why these kinds of police tactics have a chilling effect on free speech.

But while cops doing this does alarm me, I think what is more likely and more often happens is that other keyboard pundits, meaning regular people, become bothered by others and wish to stifle them or punish them for their opinions.

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Warrant sparks free speech concerns

Aren't a reporters sources a protected thing? Havnt there been cases where cops have tried and failed to get a reporter to reveal their sources? Valarie Plame comes to mind.

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Warrant sparks free speech concerns

It is not quite so simple. I assume that what the KU cops wanted was to see the server logs? And the log-in and registration e-mail address? Those things can be concealed even from the paper easily.

But I am glad to see the cops being a bit more pro-active in their investigations. So often all they do is read the paper to find out what happened, and then go try to make a case.

I am going to file a subpoena so I can find out who I truly am. That has got to be cheaper then a shrink.

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