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Town Talk: Proposed roundabout for Ninth and New Hampshire to get hearing; renderings for new multi-story building downtown; Ninth Street improvements planned

Yes! The Europeans have been successfully executing roundabouts for ages. I miss roundabouts from my time driving in the U.K. because they help traffic flow, and they help prevent some of the most dangerous accidents that can occur at intersections (e.g., T-bone accidents at 40 mph).

Come on, Yanks! Stop yer for pedestrians as you approach, look to the left for traffic, watch for pedestrians as you enter the roundabout. If you are incapable of performing this series of operations, relinquish your driving license and take the bloody bus.

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Jaywalking tickets

There's a fella in my neighborhood who has jogged straight out in front of my car...twice...over the last few months. He had ear buds in both times and never looked before he darted out into the road (in the middle of a city block, mind you). As a frequent walker in Lawrence, I just wanted to explain to him how dangerous this is. But alas, I hesitate to be that citizen who gets blasted with expletives just for imparting a wee bit of common sense.

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Do you have a favorite restaurant in Lawrence?

Agreed. They would have had the same effect by asking "Do you have a preference about stuff in general?"

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Have you ever been honored with an award for your work?

Ah, well, RockChalker. LJWorld is a very good forum for cranky, old, sour people like myself.

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Have you ever been honored with an award for your work?

Not surprising. There are a lot of lazy, stupid people who stumble upon high positions in the food chain (usually because they are 'personable' and play the politics game very well). They always seem to be recognized, while the rest of us work our arses off to support their success.

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105-year-old Lawrence resident: ‘I’d like to know of someone older’

Happy birthday to you, lovely Mrs. Zillner. I, too, would love to hear more of her stories.

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Man struck by car cited for jaywalking

It does seem that way. I walk all of the time in Lawrence, and I'm still amazed at how many drivers blow right through crosswalks when pedestrians are present. It'd be nice to see those wankers get ticketed, too.

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Man struck by car cited for jaywalking

My thoughts exactly, Sunflower.

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Sound Off: I’ve been a registered voter in Lawrence for over 25 years. If I go to the Aug. 7 primary

...and at the same time disenfranchise other groups of people who are less likely to have photo IDs (e.g., the poor). I thought sages were supposed to be smart? Looks like you need to read up on the Jim Crow laws.

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Live from Mass Street: J-W staffers search for deals

Agreed. It looks like the day after 105 degree heat...with portable toilettes. No thanks.

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