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IKEA - a shopper's paradise or nightmare?

Never been to one but it sounds like a cheaper version of Nebraska Furniture Mart. Cool.

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No common affair: How the royal wedding will stack up against typical American nuptials

Who cares? A bunch of rich people who didn't earn the money they got are marrying? Blah blah blah,...WHO CARES??? They will be on the cover of the Enquirer within a month of getting married. Royalty should be abolished and they all made to get REAL that's news.

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Lawrence named one of 9 best small towns for dining out

I wouldn't mind a good Coney Island place.

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Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach defends stance on illegal immigration at Lied Center

I have no problem with an immigrant who comes here the legal way. If we are not going to enforce our immigration laws, then why have them? Why should someone be rewarded for breaking the law? And they are rewarded because they can get driver's licenses, send their kids to school, etc. If you want to be respected and enjoy the rights and freedoms of the United States, then don't start things off by coming over here illegally. It's not about hate, it's about upholding a law that prohibits people from coming here illegally.

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First Bell: Final, final results from last week’s school board election; Scott Morgan shares top spot among write-ins; one school bans bringing lunches from home

I would like to know what happens if the family cannot afford to buy lunches? Maybe the reason the kids were eating high fat/high calorie food to begin with was because that was all the families could afford. School lunches are not always all that nutritional either.

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Lawrence school district to plan school mergers

Is there a good reason why the school board needs that building for their offices? Why not sell it and consolidate their offices into a vacant school building? I understand that tough economic times call for cutbacks and all but why should only the students, parents, and teachers have to be the ones to bare the brunt of those cutbacks?

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First Bell: A school board member's life comes with challenges

It does not matter how angry or disappointed someone is about something, you cannot go around in this day and age and spout off with remarks like the one reportedly said. It has to be taken seriously.

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Group of business leaders, churches opposed to inclusion of gender identity in Lawrence's anti-discrimination policy

I consider myself to be a Christian but would never support what those oragnizing the meeting are attempting to do. I don't try to cram my choices down anyone's throat and leave the judging to who it belongs to, God. Churches (as I understand them) are (at least in theory) suppose to welcome and love everyone. Maybe they should try reading their Bibles at this meeting instead because it appears theirs may be missing a few chapters or something! We are to hate sin but not the people. Whether transgender, homosexuality, etc. constitutes a sin is a personal decision and no one should have the right to force their beliefs on others. I would like for this group to show me the Bible passage that says it's OK to legally discriminate against a Bible doesn't have that page.

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Town Talk: Local Burger owner ramping up veggie burger efforts; Dillons on Mass. update; an honor for the Ole Baldwin ball coach

I tried to eat there this last weekend but was turned away because their credit card machine was down and they don't take checks. No sign on the door or nothing. No wonder the place was empty. All I had was a debit card. You would think they would either loosen up their check policy for a day or at least offer something like a free drink if you go and get cash and come back. With the attitude they had it was not worth the bother to go and get cash and come back. I love their master mix salad but everything in their is very expensive which is why I don't go all that often.

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