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Turner Gill expected to take over as Kansas football coach

You got me!

Anyway, I'll take your word for the Ball State-Buffalo game and the stats. I don't recall the specifics other than the final score. Turner Gill got those kids to believe anything was possible and even though Buffalo was a heavy underdog to Ball, they somehow managed to beat them. If they had played again the following week, Ball would have probably won but when it was all on the line for the championship, Turner's team rose to the occasion.

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Turner Gill expected to take over as Kansas football coach

I am from Buffalo and rest assured we are very sad to see Turner Gill leave but at the same time, the University and community are thrilled for him and the opportunity Kansas is providing. He is the classiest of all acts and you will be very proud to have him as your coach and yes, he will win and he will do so in a high road, honorable fashion.

Turner's Buffalo W-L record does not look impressive but you would have to know how bad the program was before he got here. Buffalo had advanced from I-AA to I-A before the program was mature enough to do so and they were totally in over its head in I-A. Turner did an incredible job elevating the program and recruiting better athletes who could compete. Buffalo shocked the MAC last year by winning the championship...Ball State still doesn't know what hit them.

Buffalo went 5-7 this year and had some bad luck and some key injuries and lost several heartbreakers in the last minute but believe me, NO ONE was critical of Turner. Frankly, we were hoping the 5-7 record would keep him here for another year although we all felt his departure was inevitable.

Give him a fair chance. Mark my words, a year or two from now Kansas fans will be very happy with Turner Gill. If not, send him back!

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