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Perry man injured in two-vehicle accident near Hamm Quarry

I think that everyone needs to just stop all the comments and inuendos surrounding this accident (which it was) and pray for both boys and their families. Let's give the family of the severely injured young man some peace and quiet. They need it. As a parent who has been there, I can tell you that these type of comments are very hurtful, even if the child were in the wrong.

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Fire reported at Lecompton cabinet store

RoeDapple - the comment that was taken off was due to the person referencing something about having a weiner roast.

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Fire reported at Lecompton cabinet store

Bozo (what an apt name) - this company does not build low-quality cabinets. They do quality work. Unless you know what you are talking about, please refrain from such inconsiderate comments.

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Fire reported at Lecompton cabinet store

KEITHMILES05 - that is one of the most insensitive things that you could post. Obviously you are not concerned with the feelings of the family that owned the business or the community - which is one large, loving family.

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Fire reported at Lecompton cabinet store

The firefighters from all the area departments are doing a wonderful job containing the fire damage to the wood shop. They were constantly spraying the post office and church with water. The church suffered some damage to the exterior due to the heat, but thankfully no damage inside besides most likely smoke. Our thanks go out to all the firefighters and continue to pray for their safety and the safety of the surrounding buildings. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Powell family.

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Should Kansas Get On the Four Day Work and School Week Bus?

A 4 day week sounds great in theory, but you are really cutting the education that our students will receive. We have to meet the state mandated number of hours of student time. Yes, you can add 15-30 minutes to each day and make the mandated hours, but what are the students really learning in those few minutes. Think about your own work day - just how productive are you after sitting in your workplace for 8 hours. Students are the same way.

The comment about saving money due to not paying paras, drivers, cooks, etc. These the the lowest paid people in a school district and they cannot afford to take a cut in their pay. For many they need a 5 day week in order to get affordable health insurance. Cut their hours and many will not qualify for health insurance. Teachers and administrators are salaried and wouldn't be affected by cutting the days per week. They'll still make the same money, receive the same benefits, etc.

It's time to tell the legislature to do away with the tax abatements that have been in place for far too many years, raise the sales tax, raise the sin tax (liquor and tobacco), take a pay cut theirselves. Heck, there was an article in the Topeka paper today that stated that Friday is the lowest attendance day for legislators. Is the fiscal crisis of our state so low a priority for them that they can take a 3 day weekend?

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School districts urged not to sue over funding

Finanace - thank you for breaking everything down. Hopefully Mr. Chappell will read it and get a clue. He needs to go back to Wichita and get off the State Board of Education. While I was not in favor of suing the state in the past, I am now as it seems like that is the only way to force the state to quit cutting our funding and quit playing games with our children's education.

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Lecompton man still in serious condition after motorcycle accident

Wearing a helmet would not have stopped all of the injuries that these young men suffered. A helmet will not protect your legs from being broken nor facial lacerations unless it is a full face helmet. With a helmet, particularly a full face, you lose some of your peripheral vision - a very important thing to have when on a motorcycle and cage drivers (those in 4-wheeled enclosed vehicles) are too busy texting, putting on make up, etc to look twice and save a life. My son is a good friend of one of these young men. To see some of the comments written, while not surprising given what is usually posted, breaks my heart and just shows the ignorance of some people that have nothing better to do than look for something to post idiotic comments about.

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Lecompton loomed large in history

invictus - obviously you don't know how to appreciate small town living and values. Stay out of our town if you don't like it.

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Sebelius' budget plan would slash millions from higher education

No one was saying not deal with children who have autism or ADHD, just not to label a child just because it is easier. Labels stay with a child forever and don't solve the problem. Kids have learned that they can get away with easier work, not doing tests, etc., by playing the system and getting labeled.

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