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Brownback says asking for 10 percent cuts in state agencies just first step in budget review process

I am a moderate republican and am not afraid of tax cuts or government being run more efficiently. Many of these comments strike me as Chicken Little-the sky is falling sort of stuff.

The good people of Kansas elected a very conservative politician after years of out of control, unsustainable spending, to not just cut taxes and spending, but to grow the economy. Now that the bills that are past are being enacted, we will all have a chance to see if that happens.

Feel free to make your predictions if you will, and vote him out of office as you may or if he fails to deliver on his promise to grow the economy, but please stop all the whining. He is doing what he was elected to do and this is precisely how democracy is supposed to work.

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Statehouse Live: Brownback administration directs state agencies to propose 10 percent cuts

Gov't needs to live with in our means, otherwise the taxpayers become a slave to the government. Social justice and equality is just one of the many masks of tyranny. The smaller the government, the freer the people. I support a society of free citizens.

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Rec center support

Good point. I would have been nice to know that the rec center was in the plans at the time the library expansion was passed. We can't afford everything the city proposes so we should be able to shift between the priorities, and then let the people decide.

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Rec center support

Can we cancel the public library expansion, approved by our city experts, and replace it with the rec center?

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Out of touch

Liberals, always good a spending other peoples money... Why can't they just acknowlege that capital is more efficiently used in the real economy, starting a business, producing products and employing people. Why does all public good have to occur through government? I am so sorry that it doesn't meet their standard of "fairness" or allow them to fund projects with other people's hard earned money. Taxes are a necessary evil, and should only be treated as such. To think otherwise would is as foolish as it is immoral.

BTW, is just me or does this author sound like they are wining?

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Conservatives appear to be taking control of state Senate

Stop the hate! Just because someone has a difficult viewpoint than you doesn't mean they are wrong, evil or ignorant. Surely KS is progressive enough to tolerate more than one point of view.

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Lawsuit seeks $5M for U.S. 56 fatality

Can an attorney be disbarred for poor taste and human cruelty? This is the single worst abuse of the law I can recall in recent memory.

Linus Baker, I am calling you out! You should be ashamed on yourself and your profession of making money off of other people's misfortune!

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Rec center will add $6M to economy, report says

Shouldn't the commissioners focus on their core mission of providing infrastructure and services (police, fire, roads) to the community? Quite honestly, I am not interested in what they have to say about anything else until our communities needs are completely addressed. Shouldn't we demand more out of leaders than this?

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Indoor Aquatic Center closed through Aug. 19

Regardless of their reasoning, they should not close down during the busiest time of the year. It shows a lack of consideration for their patrons, the taxpayers.

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Clearer picture emerges of proposed recreation center

With all respect, Mr. Fritzell, is a businessman and he would not agree to this unless it is benefitting him. We need full transparency and an open bidding process so that the actual costs are known and to ensure the taxpayers are not paying too much.

Why hasn't this happened?

If this doesn't happen, I oppose the use of any public tax funds to back this project. If it does happen and the public agrees the city's obligation are inline with the actual costs, and Mr. Fritzell has a competitive bid, I would support it.

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