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Amyx asks City Commission to weigh recreation center against other city priorities, projects

I am not sure the point of all this spirited dialogue. This deal is already done. The support is already there amongst the commissioners and the remaining details will be worked out in private. The only question left is how best to control the narrative, which is exactly what is being done right now... How to give themselves the proper amount of credit for their visionary leadership and tireless work on the communities behalf, while neutralizing the negative fallout from any opposition . So far I would give the commissioners a "C" grade on the actual rec center and a "B-" on using the narrative to their political advantage. Both passing grades. Just curious, what grade would you give them? I am not saying that I am in support if the rec center. I am just recognizing the decision has been made.

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Judge: No bond for Kansas doctor in abortion case

No. I have spent most of my life as prochoice and did not vote in this last election. I am just able to put politics/ideology aside an look at the case based upon the merits. Kansas does not need shoddy doctors. We trust our doctors with our health and our families health. I would expect a state medical board to uphold high standards regardless of their personal views on abortion.

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Sound Off: The city has hired a paving company for the area around Quail Run School and the paving i

Lets build a $ 25 million rec center and $ 18 million library.

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Judge: No bond for Kansas doctor in abortion case

What a discredit to her profession. She failed to perform the most basic of required exams necessary to protect her patients. As a group of medical peers, the state medical board found she breached her duty and thereby her oath as a physician. I am not sure how it would be in the public interest to have any physician's medical license reinstated without them first acknowledging that they were in violation of the standard of care.

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Kansas GOP right sees less spending, more tax cuts

Let's see what happens this next year. I am personally in favor of a voucher system to improve our public education in KS. Our educational system needs a complete overhaul and local school boards and teacher unions are the biggest obstacles to this change. Let's start by giving parents a choice to pursue more rigorous academic intuitions based upon their child's aptitude and values.

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Editorial: The right person

I'm sorry but I did not go to college to be a loser, living out of my parent's basement because the country has a leader who does not know a thing about economics or balancing a budget. I want a job so I can pay back all those student loans...I think I stand a much better chance with Romney as president than what we have had for the past 4 years...Just common sense. I have lost all trust in our current president .

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Sound Off: I live on a private road (owned by a HOA). We have a problem with through traffic speedin

You really have limited options. Either the HOA gets involved and identifies this a problem for which you they allocate resources or you ignore the problem. If neither of these seem likely, the next best solution is to move. I lived in an HOA for years learned this the hard way. Ultimately, I ended up moving out in the country where I didn't have these sorts of problems and my neighbors are more respectful. Good Luck.

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Statehouse Live: Kansas Supreme Court upholds cap on jury awards in medical malpractice

Most of those arguing against this ruling missed the point of the ruling. The majority opinion reaffirmed that tort limits are in place for to protect the public welfare. It is a suitable quid quo pro remedy that for jury verdicts that need updating. So how do you increase the dollar amount while still protecting society from trial lawyers? My personal solution would be to remove all caps and have the losing party pay the prevailing party's court costs.

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Letter to the Editor: Tax fairness

Are 47% of americans at or near poverty level and/or on a fixed retirement income? I agree with you that americans in absolute poverty should be exempt. This number historically is far less than 15%. What about the other 32%, if they afford restaurants, tobacco, alcohol, movie tickets and other luxuries should be pay some federal income tax. There will be far less division in this country if 85% of the people are contributing to its prosperity.

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Letter to the Editor: Tax fairness

It is pugnacious and self-indulgent for someone who pays 0 % into federal income taxes to accuse anyone else who is paying something into federal income tax, regardless of income tax bracket or amount, of being unfair. It is only after everyone has skin in the game that we can begin to address tax fairness and reforms amongst equals.

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