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Judge rules father's interview admissible in trial about children tied up in Walmart parking lot

that's what came to my mind when I read about this. It was just luck that someone at Walmart bothered to notice what was going on in the parking lot and care enough to call the police.

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KU visit should be highlight for prospective students

Student leaders for on-campus tours are usually getting paid, it's a work-study job.
They need to be better supervised and trained to pitch KU and not just chew gum!

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GOP forces game of budget roulette

Liberty_one -- The MEDIAN net worth of 65 is $232,000. That means that half the people over 65 are worth less and half are worth more.

It's not the same as the AVERAGE.

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Police respond to gunshots at former chief’s house

Rehab for him!

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Police respond to gunshots at former chief’s house

It seems more like a case where he may have gone off his medication!

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Police officer testifies family believed two children, ages 5 and 7, possessed by demons

I've got no doubt what they were going to do with a tarp, duct tape and a baseball bat. The woman who called the police is a lifesaver!

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Obama’s public approval ratings hard to explain

Obama hasn't been a great preformer on the economy but I honestly don't think McCain would have done a bit better.

Part of Romney's challenge is to convince people who voted for Obama on the hope that he'd bring something new to the nation, that their vote in 2008 was not a mistake. They voted for him, they participated in history, they showed that America will give an Africian-Americans their confidence.

While Romney doesn't seem like a bad fellow the party he belongs to is populated by folks who want to roll back the social clock. It's worrysome.

Personally I'm going to wait and see how the House and Senate races shape up. If the Republicans look like they'll take both parts of the legislature I might vote for Obama just to keep the Republicans from taking over.

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ID attention

An expired ID won't pass muster. Although you may have had a valid photo ID when you applied for Social Security, 20 years later you may not be driving anymore and have let your ID expire. If you are living with your children or in a senior community making the trip to the DMV might be a lot of effort.

Whether someone who can't keep their identification current should be voting is an entirely different question. The law doesn't require a competency test, just proof of identity.

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