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Transportation secretary has no specifics on savings if agency takes over turnpike

He wants to take the tolls from the road, let the road fall apart and give the money to his corporate buddies. Then they'll raise tolls.

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Conservatives preparing constitutional amendment to thwart school finance ruling

It's beyond me how they think they'll attract good jobs when they gut the public education system. Come to Kansas -- ignorant workforce?

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Brownback: Keep state sales tax at current level, cut more income taxes; change judicial selection

low taxes = place nobody wants to live unless you pay them.

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Statehouse Live: Republican leaders considering constitutional change to thwart school finance ruling

Humm, this is a good idea because low taxes will attract industry and increase jobs?

Industry that's attracted to poor quality schools isn't likely to bring good jobs. It's "would you like fries with that?" jobs for Kansas children!

Or, is this a way for the homeschooling set to avoid educating all those "other" kids?

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Illinois woman pleads no contest in child abuse case, agrees to testify in husband's case

Martin isn't the judge who will decide about custody and parental rights. She accepted a deal where the mother will testify against the father. The charges themselves aren't that serious, the maximum penalty is one year imprisonment. Generally I think Martin has been sympathetic to the children. Finding that the father was fit to stand trial means that he will be convicted of this crime and won't be able to wiggle out of it later on by claiming that he was sick but has since recovered.

The children got very lucky in that someone noticed them in the parking lot at Walmart and I don't think the parent deserve to have custody of the children either. Those questions aren't in Martin's court. Hopefully with the testimony of the mother against the father the family court will determine that they are unfit parents and terminate their rights.

The father is being held on $50,000 bond. The fact that no family member has stepped forward with $5,000 to bail him out says a lot about how wacko he is.

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Survey shows cursive writing still taught in most Kansas school districts

Cursive develops connections between the brain, hands and the letters. It's got benefits beyond just signing your name. It helps people flow words into ideas. It reinforces phonic connections inside of words and helps kids read better. It's repetitive and manual, the things that fancy educators are always trying to eliminate. No matter if it's worked for years.

I'm sure it's one of those things that poor quality schools will drop in favor of automation that some coporation will profit from providing. Better schools will continue to teach it. People will continue to be surprised when better schools continue to churn out better thinkers and poor quality schools churn out kids who can't put coherent sentences together.

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Nancy Thellman retains Douglas County Commission seat

Ms. Thellman is a highly educated professional who is plenty "bright."
Perhaps you meant to say that you disagree with her opinions?

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Simons' Saturday Column: Commentators spur concerns about upcoming vote

I think well of Mr. Romney and don't doubt that he's got a more seasoned management background than President Obama. My problem is that he's at the helm of the wrong party. I dread the thought of the GOP controlling Congress and the Executive Branch. They're just as bad as the Democrats at giving government favors to their backers, plus they are driven by elements whose social views are, in my opinion, backwards. They care more about females who are unborn than those who are alive at present. I don't believe that Romney personally has those views, but he hasn't shown the backbone to take a moderate course that would attract voters like myself and that is not encouraging.

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Rebuilding Lawrence's German history

My father and his friend were trying to float a canoe they built on Potter's Lake. It got out to the middle of the lake, which is more like a pond, and sank. They weren't good swimmers and were trashing around in the water when one of the German POWs turned up, jumped in and rescued them. My Dad thought the fellow was working at the Van Camp plant.

It's interesting because growing up in Lawrene we were pretty much White people and didn't think much about being of any heritiage group besides plain vanilla American. Yet, in the first grade, which was in the early 1960s, we learned and preformed the Christmas song "Silent Night" in German as a part of the Christmas program. Some teacher must have known German well enough to think that would be appealing.

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Judge rules father's interview admissible in trial about children tied up in Walmart parking lot

It thought 99 levels of hell was Dante's idea. He was Italian.

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