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Gov. Brownback signs Kansas drug test law for aid recipients

Unemployment isn't welfare. Employers pay into an unemployment fund, money they could be paying their employees with. I'm not saying it's "earned" but it's not welfare. If someone loses their job and qualifies for unemployment I don't see why failing a drug test should disqualify them.

The whole thing is designed to discourage people from applying for benefits. If someone has lost their job or has dependent children and needs benefits I think it's heartless to threaten them with a drug test to make them not apply. Next thing you know they'll threaten to take their kids away.

Why did people in Kansas get so mean and uncaring for oneanother?

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Gomez sentencing delayed; new attorney appointed in child abuse case

If they'd set a deal for 30 months when 100 ( max of 50 for 2 felony counts) was a possibility and he thinks he'll get something better with another lawyer I think there is absolutely no doubt he is nuts. He was preparing to murder those children. I'd prefer to see him put away for the maximum in hopes so those poor children will get some time to finish growing up and not be subject to the likes of him again.

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Former Republican state senator talks about conversion to Democratic Party

Everytime I get a fundraising call from the Republicans I remind them that they don't want me.

I didn't leave the Republican party - they left me. They can go over their mean-spirited "I'm so holy" cliff without me!

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Sides clash in hearing on bill that would repeal in-state tuition for undocumented students

Kansas has a fairly high sales tax. Anytime anyone buys anything in the state they're sending money to Topkea. Why shouldn't they benefit from the educational system they've helped support?

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Editorial: Medicaid equation

Yes, the Federal government has debt.

If the Medicaid expansion is turned down by one state it might have a teeny-tiny amount of less debt. Big deal.

If Kansans are so concerned with the debt then they should turn down: social security benefits, medicare, education assistance, military spending, highway funds, farm subsidies.

To turn down the Medicaid expansion because of the "debt" situation and accept money for any number of other programs, that just happen to benefit those who aren't poor, is a travesty. People who need Medicaid aren't any less deserving than anyone else. I for one am thankful I don't need it but that doesn't mean I might not need it in the future. It's not about the worthiness of some people over others.

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Health care providers oppose Republican resolution to not expand Medicaid

Ever considered that people with better health are more able to make it to work? People who don't have to keep their incomes below $5,000 a year to qualify for health care will work if they can.

If you're poor and have a child with a serious health issue you can't afford to work with the ultra low incomes limits the state sets. Providing health care will free people from the bondage of the welfare system.

Other people who're chained to their jobs because they must have health care -a sick wife, child, chronic condition- will be able to go out, start their own businesses, be economicially "free" because they won't have to remain in jobs they don't like but offer benefits they could never afford on their own.

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Health care providers oppose Republican resolution to not expand Medicaid

It's shameful that Kansas leadership is letting their hate for Obama deny those without health care a chance. States who don't feel the need to balance the Federal deficit will take care of their needly citizens with taxes from Kansas taxpayers.

Agriculture and Energy interests reap a Federal gravy train, but work in the state to leave those in need out.

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Realtors rally to oppose Brownback's plan to eliminate homeowner tax deductions

While the amount of savings isn't that big when you get down to the details it's a big "selling point" for real estate salespeople, aka "realtors." Then they suggest your home will appreciate in value and get the buyer hyped-up about buying a $125,000 home and paying $400-500K (with interest) for it over 30 years. They'll fight hard to keep this.

If Brownback can win against the Realtors Kansas should watch out. He'd show he had real juice.

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Statehouse Live: Brownback administration releases estimate on expanding Medicaid, $600 million over 10 years

Hosptials will raise rates for insured patients to pay for un-reimbursed care for the uninsured. If Brownback is so concerned about making Kansas a magnet for industry how can he take actions that will make the states insurance rates higher for everyone? States that accept the Medicaid expansion will have lower rates for private insurance.

If he's not interested in attracting industry with jobs that provide private insurance he should be honest about it so the good people of the state can show him the door at the next election.

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County OKs energy upgrades for courthouse

If they can't currently set the temperature in individual rooms it's likely too hot in some rooms and too cold in others. Adding individual controls will make a huge difference in the comfort level for the people who work or do business there, plus it will save money.

While the price of gas may stay low electricity is going to go up, even for utilities who generate with gas. It's a good move.

I don't have a problem with using who they're already using to do HVAC work. They've set a price and they know this outfit will do it for that amount. To go through a bidding process and maybe end up with somebody who'll run over would be wasteful, and the energy savings are ticking away.

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