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Zarco stations begin selling E-15 product again after ending 28-year relationship with Phillips 66

Boss Hogg all the way. Hard time believing anything he says. I still don't think that turbine on 9th is hooked up to anything.

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Guth's tweet puts him in middle of political firestorm

The time would appear to be upon our country when we decide if a minority of freaks/fundies are really going to decide our path.

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Activity along O'Connell Road heats up with $15 million affordable housing project

They are only here to help the wealthy. This is not about low income housing, it is about profit out of taxpayer pockets. It is just the latest of taxpayer scams a couple groups have been getting away with for years in the name of development. And it will happen. How many recent developments do you think receive Federal tax credits, which are put on open market for cold cash.

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Activity along O'Connell Road heats up with $15 million affordable housing project

"The authority is still partnering with a private development group led by Lawrence developer Bill Newsome. Newsome's company owns the land on the corner and has been working with the state to secure tax credits to help finance the project. Once the units are built, however, the Housing Authority will be responsible for renting the units and using proceeds from the rent to pay off the project. The project is expected to have a total price tag of about $15 million."

I think it means Bill will own it, receive $1 mil. from Authority, Federal tax credits which he will sell for profit, let the Authority manage, which means the rent payments are guaranteed, whether occupied or not. Welfare for the wealthy.

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Private roads remain thorny issue for the county

. - The smarter one.

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Idea for Rock Chalk Village springs up for property near Rock Chalk Park

Only thing they are waiting is the answer to how many tax dollars they will get for the "New Urban" plan, much like Bauer Farms 1% publicly collected tax.

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Private roads remain thorny issue for the county

" freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose" - another KK

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KU showing off sustainability program with parking lot

" sustainability" and "parking lot" Only work together if lot is designed to have you park your car and not drive it. " sustainability" might include more bus ridership promotion, programs/infrastructure to help prevent cyclists/pedestrians from dying, Anything but things designed to increase automobile use.

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Editorial: Winners, losers

! "Kansas Economic Development Initiatives Fund" So approx. 15% goes to actual public programs? The marketing does a great making us think it is for schools, I have Legislators quote the education angle.

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Kobach considering plan that could produce two kinds of voters

KK political career has one goal only, take as much taxpayer money as he can, and to always stand up and say "look at me, look at me". He is a simple egotist, maybe racist. Some of us remember his OP city council days and shut our minds off when he opens his mouth.

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