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Supporters of amendment say Legislature should be sole authority on school funding

But, But But.... Rush and the tea party say all socialism is bad. Entitlements, Obamacare, welfare, food stamps etc. So public education is evil? right? Wait a sec. Isn't the United States Military just a huge SOCIALIST entity? Military forces exist as parasites feeding upon civilization. Ahhhh may head hurts.

If the free market can decide who lives or dies based on who has health insurance or not, why not apply the same principle to who lives or dies in fights, fires, car accidents etc.
Eliminate all socialism. Provide your own security, education, food, shelter, generate your own electricity. THROW YOUR TRASH IN THE STREET.

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Supporters of amendment say Legislature should be sole authority on school funding

Public education is pure SOCIALISM and should be eliminated. Why should I pay for your heath care or your education???

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City mulls ways to fund new police facility

Lawrence loves taxes. Not sure what they are worried about. Put the tax in whatever form you want it will pass easy.

If the police have adequate facilities to do their job now, and the population of Lawrence is declining, Why do they need a new facility???

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City, county mull upgrade to emergency radio system

Why does Motorola get the contract??? Shouldn't this be an open bid process. Motorola sells radio equipment for a premium over their competitors. They are a near monopoly.

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Letter grades giving way to ‘standards-based’ marks in Lawrence schools

What kind of trophy do the kids get for participation?? Is it pretty and shiny?

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Library leaders unveil new design for $19 million expansion

19 million buys a lot of UGLY.

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Fair deal?

Paisano’s has mediocre food and service. Improve or watch Olive Garden take a big chunk of your business. Why do you think Olive Garden see's an opportunity in Lawrence?

Genovese is probably the best Italian food in town, but downtown is becoming a bit of a hassle(Which means its busy). An Olive Garden on the south side makes some sense.

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Lawrence city manager's 2012 budget calls for tax increase

Can I get a big raise from my employer since I have more expenses??? Yeah Right.

Why even consider cuts in a city that loves taxes? Just add on another 10-20Mils and we can build that "Land of OZ" theme park we need to go with our new Library!!!

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Unattended body found in woods Saturday; 'no obvious signs of foul play'

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