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Contentious issue of lighted tennis courts near LHS to be discussed again by city commissioners

Instead the commission should listen to 12 Whiners wanting 100's of thousand of TAX dollars for their own private use?? for the 5th time!

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Contentious issue of lighted tennis courts near LHS to be discussed again by city commissioners

Living with SCHOOL activities are one thing. Dealing with PRIVATE groups using it all day and night and all weekend is completely another thing.

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Letter: Well-defined plan

Also i think it is funny that they asked for the MAXIMUM they could. Not what was needed! But they want the very most they could get. That tells me not enough planing has been done!

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Voters to have their say on future of Lawrence schools

the schools are not "closed" the are re purposed. They still are open to some use, and costing us taxpayers money to maintain and operate. THIS board has failed you and your students. Just by looking at your comments about how bad our school buildings are and how far behind we are on technology. Money doesn't fix stupid. The school board hasn't been able to do a good job with what they have. But you believe they will with allot more??? I feel you are sadly mistaken.

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School district's mailing about bond issue raises eyebrows

as long as the bond has language like "make all other necessary and related improvements in the District" i will be 100% NO vote. And anyone who votes yes, when they spend it on things other than "promised" remember you are the ones who keep giving them the cash to do it again and again. Make them come up with a real bond and make it binding to only do what they put in writing. No business would loan someone 92+ million and say do what ever you want, we don't really need to know what your doing with it.and us the taxpayer shouldn't ether!!

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Public airs questions over $92.5 million school bond issue

Doesn't anyone see that if they let the schools fall apart then everyone will want to vote for this. Lets get rid of any and all leaders,school board, and staff that cant take care of our schools now. Instead of giving them 92+ millions to blow like they have been to all the rest of the money. Nothing ANY school board says can be trusted. They always put things so vague so they can change and do what ever they want to do with this money. The remodeled the kitchen in Centennial while it was still the "virtual" school. Then after closing walkarusa, they "suddenly" realized they could move the child first program to centennial and other stuff to walkarusa to make way for the sports fields. Just lucky that brand new kitchen was there. They have plans for how they will spend all this money, they just wont tell us what they truly are!

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Editorial: Bond reservations

How has this current board helped?? Guessing not much if kids are going to school in unsafe portables. And was this the case before they moved the school grades around? Maybe planning ahead and getting the buildings before overcrowding some, then begging for more money to spend. BUDGET!! Something we have to have, guess school district doesn't need to follow one!

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Editorial: Bond reservations

several have stated in past articles they thought it was ok for the past people to do it. So they are all the same. Doesn't it seem a little funny the "amount" they need is the Maximum that they could possibly get. They can't even save anything when spending 92+ million. They can never have enough and will continue to spend spend spend. And your fooling yourself if you think they wont end up spending alot of money on other things. IF this passes!

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Editorial: Bond reservations

If it wasn't for all the spending on the sports fields, we would have had the cash to maintain these buildings.By voting yes on this bond your telling them it was ok to spend 20 million + on the sports fields, and not maintain what we have, because all they have to do is ask and we will give them more. Enough is enough. Voting NO!!

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Lawrence district produces video about bond issue

Ill be sure to vote. NO!!! Learn how to spend OUR money wisely first. Then you will get more. The 1 million plus a year being spent on paying off the athletic field projects could have gone along way for paying maintenance and upgrades to all the elementary schools!!

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