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Baker’s dozen: Twelve Wildcats (and two coaches) products of Lawrence high schools

Great article and great team.
Make it a real baker's dozen with Veritas guy #46 FB Jesse Schultz

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LHS football has chances, but falls to Vikes

You're right I'm sorry. You and the other guy prob do know more about football than a long time coach and college football player. And you prob both know more about the weight room than a long time div 1 weight coach.

Really dumb of me. My bad. Won't happen again

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LHS football has chances, but falls to Vikes

Not sure if things have changed but when i played in 03 and 04 Fred Roll ran weights. Wedd and Roll have forgot more than 72 and grandma ever thought they knew.

Would like to see wedd go to some veer or flexbone belly stuff. Think it would fit his mentality, but the guy knows football and what he calls is going to be better than what some couch-bum thinks he should call.

The people that get on here and complain about coaching are the same as the parents that don't know fat about football complaining about the coaches they have. Chances are if ya had another coach it would be a matter of time before you would hate them too.

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