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Air gun nips woman near South Park

Is there a reason these people might have shot her?

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Grad fads

Those photos were from last year

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Should the city help downtown building owners pay for sprinkler systems?

I understand that I was just trying to give a solution to your unresolved question.

And I do work at a credit union. I wouldn't have a big say in whether or not we'd give the loan or not but I do know that the competition to get more and more visibility from prospective customers/members is huge.
In Lawrence especially with so many banks and credit unions and other financial services available, the institutions are always trying to find ways to out do the other ones.

But you seem to have a good grasp on marketing and business so you know that. I'm not saying that there is a great chance for the loans but that would be the best bet for downtown.

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Should the city help downtown building owners pay for sprinkler systems?

Why not check out a local bank or credit union?
Many of them are still trying to make good with Lawrence residents to beat out the competition. That should help bring down the rate a little bit.

Those financial institutions would at least consider your "plan".

Now let's wait for Marion's criticism

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Forum to focus on teen drinking

I agree, what else is there to do around this town? Go to movies... done that... bowling... done that...walk downtown... all the time... sleep?...

If Lawrence would spend more money bringing some entertainment to this town instead of putting flowers and round-a-bouts everywhere, we could help this problem. All the kids ever hear is "That's bad you need to find something better to do"... and that better thing would be?

Go to K.C. because they have a variety of things for younger people to do. O yea most of those kids don't have cars...

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A fatal game

It's not hard to understand

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A fatal game

Thanks for not paying attention to my last one.

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A fatal game

You are right about you can express your own opinion, I didn't re-read mine good enough to catch that after I put it in.

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A fatal game

You cannot define a family as "normal". Why? Because every family has its differences in the way they act towards each other and others outside the family. This is what separates families from other families and allows them to be called a family, if we were all "normal" then the world would be perfect and tragedies would not occur. If you think you must say there is a "normal" then it is simply a family that has some kind of error whether it be noticeable or behind the scenes. A family with nothing wrong, where everyone is fine and has no problems what so ever, I have yet to see exist outside their own minds.

The problem with allowing us to post on here and talk about it is that at some point someone makes a comment that, maybe not on purpose, mentions something else about a related subject and then the whole discussion changes and the point of the article and anything about the original subject is hard to talk about anymore because we're too busy talking about something else that really ends up having no relevance.

Kimber made a decision that cost her life; we all grieve for the family and their loss. I believe one reason that LJW shows the mother smiling is because that is something we're not used to seeing at funerals, we expect to see weeping and grieving. They wanted to show the difference in people's reactions and how amazing it is that her own mother can find happiness in this time of sorrow. So way to go LJW in showing something that may not seem to fit to us, but shows the emotions of the family like they are, not how we might imagine them.

Don't turn this into an argument about the Newspaper or whether or not the picture should be there or anything. Comment on what happened and how it happened, not how we think it should have. If you want to complain or argue why don't e-mail each other or do it somewhere else and stop wasting space on here.

Sorry I know that was long but it needed to be said.

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