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Opinion: Tony Pierson represents hope for KU football

@ classclown. I think its cause we were spoiled with Mangino's Spread offense and the success he had. It made it hard to get behind Gill and his program especially since his coach style was the opposite of Mangino's. Turner Gill wasn't a bad coach its just that his program was going to take to long to develop, his style didn't fit the Big 12 or the fans liking and bottom line, KU didn't want to risk waiting and possibly losing the fan base and revenue that Mangino's staff had generated. That is why he was "ran out of town" as you say. People are giving Weis the extra mile cause of his success at the next level developing quarterbacks, his recruiting ties, the caliber of his staff, and that he is an offensive minded coach that could possibly produce the points and excitement that we have grown to expect and love. I for one, was skeptical about Gill and his coaching style because I love Big 12's high scoring spread offenses and am not a fan of the grind it out games of the East, so I didn't give him much of a chance. If Weis is as good as they say, I am willing to sit and wait 2 more years for him to get his kids in here and perform. Especially if it means we can have more seasons like the '08 team. I watched and waited all through the 90's and early 2000's for that season, I can wait a little longer. Keep up the faith KU fans, We once use to joke that KU will never be any good, after the '08 team, we now say "Its only a matter of time".

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